prana sariri: a life affirming pregnancy massage

All massages promote relaxation, reduce emotional stress and relieve muscle tension but for expectant mothers (especially those in the second and third trimester) pre and post natal massage is importantly a matter of positioning, cushioning and support for the optimum delivery and after care of your baby. Prana Sariri acknowledges precious life, every step of the way.

pre natal massage

In this important gestation period, pregnancy massage aids the circulatory and lymphatic systems, aiding blood flow to both mother and baby. Notably, it also stabilises hormone levels and relieves nervous tension as you move towards one of the most satisfying, emotional and meaningful days of your life.

post natal massage

Nothing short of a gentle, protective restorative whilst your body acclimatises itself to mothering duties. As you nurture your new loved one (or ones!) so we help restore you to your pre-pregnancy condition, body weight and firm body tone as well as emotional equilibrium.

The perfect gift

prana sariri

60 minutes $125
90 minutes $195


"trusting me, you drifted off to sleep in my care... for me there is no greater compliment"