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Indian head massage courses for those you love

You too can master the art of Indian Head Massage. Learn and practice with us to gift someone special with an experience which tells them just how much you love and appreciate them. Indian Head Massage (or Champissage as it is referred to in India) is an ancient form of head massage, practised to relieve stress and tension and to enhance a person’s wellbeing.

It is a massage on the marma points of the scalp, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and ears. And by introducing an Ayurvedic element into the massage (which works on the three higher Chakras or energy vortices): crown, third eye and throat – the body’s entire energy system is rebalanced.

The benefits (for you, and the person you are treating) are many…

As a training therapist of course you add another string to your bow and therefore become a more desirable salon employee… with a resume that reflects the competencies and courses you’ve undertaken with reputable salons. As a person who simply wants to give of their best to themselves and the people they love, the healing power of touch cannot be over-stated. When you learn, practice and become proficient in the art of Indian Head Massage you are enabling, healing and respecting not just yourself but everyone you come across in life!

Naturally, your Course begins with a personal Indian Head Massage… first-hand experience is invaluable! You will learn much whilst you experience the bliss of Champissage!

Course Preparation

  • To gain confidence and practice your skills, a friend to accompany you on this Course is especially valuable. If no one is available, please advise us and we will try to arrange a volunteer for you.

Supervised Course Content

  • A personal 30 minute head massage session
  • Caring for clients: initial consultation and preparation
  • Assessing the contraindications
  • Indian Head Massage techniques
  • Aftercare

Participation Requirements

  • There are no formal entry or participation requirements – however, an initial knowledge and understanding of massage techniques is recommended.

Course Materials and Certification

  • As part of your training, we also provide a comprehensive Manual to take away – supplementary reference material which provides theoretical and step-by-step guides, post course.
  • Your Course participation is acknowledged with our Certificate of Completion – an essential addition to your resume.

indian head massage manual cover

Manual Cover

indian head massage course certificate from prana in applecross, perth.

Example Certificate

to be pubished soon

A Profitable Skill

Course Venue, Duration and Timeframes

  • Venue: Prana – 2A KEARNS CRESCENT, APPLECROSS WA 6153 (15 minutes from Perth CBD). We welcome you to our free on-site parking.
  • Duration: please allow 3 HOURS.
  • Timeframes: our Courses are tailored to fit around your work, study or family responsibilities. For this reason we prefer to work around your commitments rather than set pre-determined days or hours.

Cost: $325

  • We accept cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or payment by direct deposit.



teachers. students. when we care, our journey never ends

Experience is never finite, always gathered, honed and perfected. Like you, I am a student of life – willing to share my knowledge but also, always learning…


participant-alyssa Hi Saroj
Thanks so much for your Indian Head Massage course… it has broadened my understanding of the ayurvedic principles so much and I now see that what I offer is so much more than physical healing. Thank you so much, Alyssa.

Alyssa, thank you. If I have passed on something elemental (almost spiritual) I am so pleased and I wish you every success! Do please keep in touch with me… we each are students of life, and learn from each other. Warmly, Saroj.

participant-pippa Dear Saroj
You are a respected beautician and very much loved so I hope you’ll forgive me for asking: how can Prana Course students possibly learn Indian Head Massage techniques in 3 hours? Surely there is more we as students need to know, understand, practice and perfect?
Kind regards, Pippa.

Indeed Pippa, there is much to learn. Can one pass on the skills of a lifetime in 3 hours? No. But I urge you (as I do all students) to remember that “repetition is the mother of skill” and that practice, practice, practice is our foundation. Pippa we are all students of life. I urge you to begin your journey. It can only lead to more opportunity… Saroj.

congratulations, you did it…