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“Optimal Breathing for Optimum Wellbeing”

Dear reader

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Prana Active. I’d like to introduce you to a healthier lifestyle; a lifestyle that will give you a deep sense of joy, contentment, energy, purpose and enthusiasm. And I have an invitation for you. But bear with me; I’ll come to that in a moment…

Our name, Prana, is Sanskrit for Breath. Breathing correctly, especially during exercise, creates the environment for change in the mind and body. Prana is the philosophy which underpins athletic endurance as well as intellectual capacity and emotional wellbeing.

Yes, regular physical activity will help you to manage your weight and look trim. But Prana Active asks you to look beyond short term goals.

Yes, the key to enduring health and fitness is exercise – but combined with OPTIMAL BREATHING, it becomes the blueprint for the following lifelong rewards:

Physical and Mental Relaxation
Clarity of Thought and Undivided Focus
Increased Lung Capacity
Purification of the Blood Stream
Release of Tension, Stiffness and Pain in the Muscles

As we master rhythmic breathing during exercise, we begin to engage in a form of ‘meditation in motion’: quietly contemplative, purposeful and focused activity. Exercise is no longer a chore or a means to an end but one of life’s pleasures (the mind and body now working in perfect harmony).

A little empathy saves a lot of pain 🙂

Indeed! So now I invite you to a FREE CONSULTATION… and friends, know this before you call me: whoever you are, whatever your age or background; the time you spend with me will assess your fitness and set the right path for YOU — not me, or some punishing regime you can’t possibly sustain.


I can and WILL help you. Together, we’ll build the foundation for lasting health. I have much to tell you – and NONE OF IT invites you to do what you can’t do. NONE of it leaves you a sweating, exhausted, disgruntled heap on the floor. ALL OF IT is planned.

Agnelo Velho. Mentor.
0449 592 728

Stories: people who like me never gave up believing

John King – London

I walked past ‘Fit for Life’ on the way to work every morning for a number of months before finally plucking up the courage to go inside. The idea of going to a gym was alien to me. I was in my early thirties, overweight, out of condition and a heavy smoker. On entering the building I knew I was out of my depth – I remember thinking “all of those strange looking machines!” Luckily for me I was about to meet Agnelo for the first time. We had a chat, he put me at my ease and assured me that if I followed his advice he could help me achieve my goals. The first couple of months were a little difficult, mainly because I would not listen and thought I knew best.

It soon became apparent that I didn’t and once I was over that obstacle and learned to take his advice I never looked back. That was 15 years ago and I am still going strong today. Agnelo is very much a people person. His man management and motivation skills are second to none. He knows when to guide – and when to stand back. He also has the ability to instil in you good habits that have an impact in other areas of your life. Through his help and encouragement I achieved more than I ever hoped for. He made a difference and left a lasting impression! Take the first step and you will be in safe hands.

Phoebe Butler – Perth

If someone were to ask me what training with Agnelo is like, I would say emotionally intense. It is certainly different to any other fitness training you may have experienced in the past – probably more difficult as well. However, I can nearly guarantee you that you will get out of it what you are wanting. You will achieve your goals. In addition to this, I believe that you will develop an inner strength that you never knew was possible, a determination, and an inner peace. Agnelo truly cares and is committed to you, as much as you are committed to achieving your goals. Fitness is not just about losing weight, it’s also about developing a happier and healthier and peaceful lifestyle. Thank you Agnelo.

Nila James – Perth

Saroj is an amazing beautician. But this review is about Agnelo, her partner. He is the other half of the business and runs the true meaning of Prana – a breath centred holistic fitness programme that starts with getting you into a mindset to be a champion. His programme suits those who are capable of absorbing and understanding that a beautiful body is not achieved in a week. Nor is it about punishing the soul to the point that exercise becomes a chore. He started me onto an 8 to 10 weeks cardio programme that really involved self- discipline but with only 3 times a week, it was easy to push myself to achieve my goal. Programme 2 involved the next 8 weeks of cardio plus weights. It wasn’t about how heavy the bar bells must be nor was it about trying to look like a body builder. It was about body sculpting and keeping my cardio fitness up and about having the flexibility to be creative with my own programme and walking away from the gym 3 times a week knowing that I achieved something. A maximum 1 hour each session 3 times a week. I watched what I ate but that is my choice. I am now on Programme 3. Within 6 months I achieved a mental strength that made me believe I could climb Everest. And I have a body that is toned and sculpted and fit. It wasn’t punishing. It is satisfying and addictive. It has taken 15 years off my age and I stuck with it despite Agnelo’s intense ability to be such a hard trainer. I tell him when he totally gets on my nerves with his intensity. BUT I have developed a tremendous respect for him because he has changed my mindset. Exercise is a whole different ball game now. If you are prepared to be a champ you are prepared for some of his brutal honesty. And that basically is why I signed up for his programme….

Kate Wooldridge – Perth

Dear Agnelo, just a small token of appreciation for what you’ve enabled me to achieve in the past six weeks. I cannot properly tell you the difference it has made to my day to day life, though I suspect you would have an inkling! Please thank Saroj for the sample of her tuna – it is the best I’ve ever tasted! Looking forward to starting the second program when I get back…

Phebe Samson – Perth

I decided to start personal training with Agnelo to get some routine back into my life. The new year had brought with it lots of exciting changes but after six months I still felt I hadn’t really settled and my exercise routine had completely gone out the window.

Through past personal training and gym experiences I was convinced that gym work wasn’t for me but having chatted to Agnelo for a while about the way he trains and what options were available I knew this time it would be different. If I could explain the difference it would be that I know exactly what I’m doing and why. I love the way Agnelo has taught me to focus on goals, whether for fitness or life outside the gym, and guided me to meditate during the sessions. Agnelo has given me confidence. I know now that I’m doing enough. I am physically and mentally stronger. Training with Agnelo is so much more than just going to the gym. He definitely put the routine back into my life in a much more fulfilling and positive way. I really can’t thank him enough!