Ayurvedic Massage – FAQs

Not surprisingly, many people are confused with the difference between Ayurvedic massage and other types of massage (Swedish, Aromatherapy and Remedial). Essentially, the differences are in purpose, methodology and principle; but let me explain…

Massages all do the same thing don’t they?

No… Swedish and Aromatherapy massages combine techniques and often the use of therapeutic oils to release tension from the superficial muscles and tissues of the body. The essential purpose with both is to promote a state of physical and mental wellbeing.

So Remedial Massage is different?

Yes it is. Remedial Massage is primarily employed for the relief of pain caused by injury to aid the post-operative recuperation process and/or remedy ongoing physical ailments. Remedial massage uses manipulation to ease the muscles or tissues surrounding the area of pain and is typically prescribed by a physician to aid trauma recovery.

And Ayurvedic Massage? How is that different?

Ayurvedic massages stem from an ancient system of medicine which regards the internal and external condition of each person as inter-connected, indivisible. As such, its purpose is to treat and redress the imbalance between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition as human beings. In short, Ayurvedic massages address the totality of who we are. 

Importantly, Ayurvedic massage techniques work on the mind/body energy connection, which means that as therapists we have a dual responsibility to attend to the physical and at the same time be deeply connected to our client’s spoken and unspoken needs. We are ‘attentive listeners’… quietly and deeply engaged in the transfer of prana (energy) between us both. For some, Ayurvedic massages can be a spiritual awakening, a new-found realisation that our spiritual health is just as important as our physical, mental or emotional.  

For others it is a re-awakening to that which may have been lost in the bustle and complexity of our modern world. To assist us on this path we begin with a Puja (a prayer or blessing) which asks that each of us be released from emotional or physical pain and find strength and clarity.

What oils are used in an Ayurvedic massage – and what are their benefits?

A specific combination of ayurvedic oils with medicinal herbs are used to alleviate conditions such as insomnia, muscular pain, tiredness, headaches, tightness in the jaw and constipation; as well as stress around the neck, shoulders and face.

As the blood moves faster through the system, toxins are released… promoting the flow of energy in your body. At the same time we are reducing any stiffness of the joints and calming the nervous system.

The use of specific massage movements with herbal oils is an ancient system of healing which encompasses the physical and psychological benefits you will experience from traditional Ayurvedic Massage.

Do Ayurvedic massages require me to be naked?

No, not at all. Aside from professional conduct issues, we also recognise and respect that for some people nudity may be an uncomfortable experience. In fact, when we talk about nudity there is a very strict protocol we observe: the breasts and genital area are always covered with towels and even when we reposition you, you are never completely exposed. Finally, prior to your treatment, we will advise that we have G Strings available should you wish to wear one. Be comforted, all is well!

Please call 9316 1553 if you have any further questions… I am, as always, in service to you – Saroj.