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indian foot massage by prana in applecross near perth and fremantle.

kansa vatki – indian foot massage

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art! In Indian culture, it is believed that the soles of the feet are directly connected to the human soul.

As such, we honour our feet and lower limbs with kansa vatki – an Indian Ayurvedic healthcare modality and restorative foot massage which is not simply a modern-day indulgence but a therapeutic treatment steeped in history and deeply connected with the health and recuperative properties of your body as a whole.

Our time-honoured ritual takes its cue from the use of Ayurvedic metals such as copper (to reduce pain and inflammation), zinc (to aid the function of the immune system) and tin (which aids digestion as well as relieving headaches and insomnia).

We begin by cleansing the feet and legs in readiness for specific massage movements to the toes, feet, ankles and calves, using ayurvedic oils to relax tired feet, improve joint mobility and blood flow.

Kansa Vatki is ideal for those of us who spend long hours on our feet in service to others. It is an ancient ritual which balances and refreshes mind, body and soul…

Please allow 35 minutes for this truly restorative treatment $85