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manicures and pedicures

Prana’s much loved manicures and pedicures are luxurious and leisurely; a time to relax and enjoy first class treatments which use the most natural products. More than that, they are an affirmation of an attention to detail… style is either present or not, and it cannot be fudged. For Prana, it is simply a matter of the heart.

indulgence nail treat

60 minutes $70

From cuticles to shaping and conditioning, sit back and relax as we massage and soothe in preparation for the polish colour of your choice.

5 star luxury manicure

75 minutes $95

From a relaxing soak in essential oils and a mandarin, sugar and honey exfoliation; to a nourishing hot towel wrap before we apply the colour of your choice. Pleasure sublime!

prana anti-ageing hand treatment

60 minutes $100

A fusion of cleansing, anti-ageing and nourishing treatments for hands and arms… culminating in a totally blissful neck and shoulder massage.

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Fabulous long-lasting Surmanti Natural Nail Gels $30
Soak off treatments to remove and refresh gel colours $30
French polish, for elegant and stylish nail tips $30

soothing pedicure

60 minutes $90

Sit back and relax as we massage and soothe. You will leave smooth, supple and polished.

The perfect gift

5 star luxury pedicure

90 minutes $125The pinnacle of pedicure treatments. Calming foot baths with fresh flowers and essential oils cleanse, hydrate and soothe.

The perfect gift

5 star pedicure & reflexology

120 minutes $185

Experience the natural healing art of reflexology as we cleanse the body of toxins, release nervous tension and improve circulation. Ayurvedic Reflexology is much, much more than ‘reflexology’. Ayurveda itself seeks always to rebalance the subtle energy systems of the body by supporting the efficient flow of vital energy (prana) which flows through micro energy channels called ‘nadis’…


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