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ayurvedic reflexology

Ayurvedic Reflexology is much, much more than ‘reflexology’. Ayurveda itself seeks always to rebalance the energy systems of the body through an understanding of practices which underpin this ancient principle.

Ayurvedic Reflexology is a successful blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques; based on the principles of Ayurveda – India’s ancient, traditional and comprehensive medical system. Ayurvedic Reflexology is an exciting approach for therapists and clients alike and is a much sought after approach to wellbeing. You see, if our focus is to help balance the subtle energy systems of the body by supporting the efficient flow of vital energy or ‘prana’ – that explains why Prana is deeply embedded in our psyche!

This vital energy flows within the body through micro energy channels called nadis (similar to the Chinese meridians). According to Ayurvedic teachings, the body (and mind) cannot remain healthy if the flow of prana is sluggish or interrupted. And situated along these nadis are vital energy centres called marma points, which help maintain the optimal flow of prana or energy. There are many marma points located on important nadis in each hand and foot. The whole body benefits from working these points in Ayurvedic Reflexology foot and hand sessions.

For us as therapists, it is important that we use oil when working the marmas, because unnecessary friction can upset the delicate energy balance. We find that cold pressed, organic, non-deodorised and non-bleached oil is best for you – it is the perfect base for the brisk and flowing movements associated with this unique form of therapy. You will find our hand and foot massage techniques profoundly relaxing. We proudly offer our 5 Star Pedicure Reflexology treatments for sheer bliss and of course, as always, beauty treatments which are more than skin deep.

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