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Spa Indulgences

Welcome to my world

As you and I journey through life there is much knowledge and tradition I wish to share with you, and though ancient truly meets modern; nothing changes unless we understand that all in life is deeply connected. I believe that Prana is a bridge, a connection between all that traditional Indian culture offers and all that is new (and often outstanding) in the western world. That said, we all seek a more natural, less invasive way forward and we all seek to make our lives (and the lives of others) more tranquil, more healthy, happy and meaningful.

May my world and yours always be in harmony… Saroj

pranashira The perfect gift

60 minutes $135

Selected hair oil is warmed and gently massaged into the scalp, focusing on vital energy points which help to release stress as we stimulate circulation to the scalp, promote hair growth and eliminate dryness. We then apply a herbal hair mask which we suggest you leave on for a few hours before washing off. Your hair is wrapped in a warm towel to allow the properties of the herbs to infuse into the scalp.

prana dreaming

Time to dream (and experience) a truly special collection of treatments… we begin with a melting, silky smooth and totally organic hydration of the skin with Prana’s Pranavedic Facial… followed by a Full Body Massage – a treatment which gives true meaning to Ayurveda – a time-honoured ritual which aids our steady progress through life and soothes the body, mind and spirit. Lastly, our signature Prana Madhur – a gentle, nutrient-rich herbal oil massage which releases head, neck and shoulder tension whilst we nourish your crowning glory…


prana madhur

30 minutes $70

Prana Madhur replenishes nutrients lost due to over-exposure, excessive blow drying and perming. Selected hair oil is warmed and gently massaged into the scalp, focusing on vital energy points which help to release stress and increase circulation to the scalp.

spend a day with me

Come, forget the hurried world outside and share a very special time with me… you are welcomed with a refreshing chai and break briefly from our endeavours to enjoy fresh fruit platters and a delicious lunch before our final treatments. Relax, as we define your features with world-class Threading, and follow up with our much loved Manicure and Pedicure. Indulgence awaits with our Pranavedic Facial… a signature treatment without peer. Finally, we release all emotional stress and aches of the heart and body with our Traditional Indian Massage.


"love life. in almost all cases, it will love you back"