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sunless spray tans : even more FAQs


Are sunless spray tans safe for my skin?

Yes! We cannot speak for spray tans in general, but we’ve gone out of our way to source a brand that assures us that our clients are totally safe. Minx’s vision was to develop a sunless tanning solution that not only provides you with an incomparably natural looking tan but does so using the finest quality ingredients. We don’t use any harsh or harmful chemicals – we DO use aloe vera, green tea, grape seed and chamomile, vitamin E (a well known antioxidant) and finally, a range of essential oils.

What are the key ingredients in the spray tan solution?

The key active ingredients Minx uses are: Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Walnut extract (DHA is the foremost active ingredient in sunless tanning – it is derived from natural sugars found in plants like sugar cane and beetroot).

Are alcohol and paraben preservatives present?

Absolutely not. Minx produce a product that’s safe and improves your skin condition (rather than harming it). Not only is their sunless tanning formulation alcohol and paraben free, but they ensure that the individual ingredients they use are manufactured without the use of these chemicals too.

I’m expecting a baby… is spray tanning safe for me during my pregnancy?

Congratulations! Yes, it is absolutely safe. We have taken special care to deal exclusively with Minx, the highly regarded Australian brand. Their range of products have been thoroughly tested, are irritant-free and importantly, won’t leach any chemicals into the blood-stream.

Thank you, that is reassuring. So now, how should I prepare before my spray tan?

The most important step in preparing for your spray tan is to exfoliate carefully to remove any dry skin cells. Be sure to thoroughly focus on areas of dry or rough skin, such as elbows, knees, hands, and feet (especially the heels). Also, don’t wax or shave in the 24 hour period prior to your spray tanning session, and don’t apply products such as moisturiser, perfume, makeup, or deodorant prior to your session. We want your skin to be as close to its natural state as possible.

How is the tan applied?

We use a gentle spray gun and the application takes 20 to 30 minutes. For your interest, the session has a two-step process:

The first step is the application. The tanning solution contains natural bronzing agents (caramel and natural food colouring), which are immediately visible. These ensure a streak-free, even application. These bronzing agents wash away easily and form part of the essential second step, which is tan development. In this way, over the next five to twelve hours the active ingredients continue to develop and result in a natural sunless tan.

How long can I expect my tan to last?

Your tan will last from seven to ten days without intervention – slowly fading in a natural way just as it would if you had sunbathed on the beach.

What should I do to care for my tan?

Good question! Here are some easy to follow basics:

1. For the first 24 hours (and before you shower), avoid activities where you are likely to perspire.

2. Avoid chlorinated pools, hot baths, and saunas.

3. Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise.

We hope that helps! We look forward to creating the sun-kissed look you desire (without the sun-exposure).

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