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This is where we honour those who contribute to a better world in business and in life. We believe in them, in what they do, and therefore recommend them to you…

Marine. Another multi-faceted talent

my name is Marine. I am originally from Mauritius but have been in Perth for 5 years now. I have always been passionate about design and finally decided to act on it after three years of degree! I am starting my own Graphic & Editorial Design company called MD&S STUDIO. I specialize in logo design and branding, with a particular attachment to editorial projects.

I am highly motivated and hardworking and take pride in creating stunning designs. Getting to know the stories behind my clients and their businesses in order to create visual components that will combine into a brand is more than a job, it’s a passion. I have a creative flair, originality and strong visual sense needed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding of clients.

Marine. MD&S Studio
Mobile: 0415 725 890

Ashliegh Thompson – a passion for makeup and beauty!


I have over 13 years experience working in the makeup and beauty industry, with companies such as YSL, Chanel and Napoleon Perdis. I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist, and have experience in creating all different types of looks for all special occasions.

I studied at the Australian College of Beauty Therapy where I gained my Diplomas in Makeup Artistry and Beauty Therapy. Since then I have been trained by Chanel, Napoleon Perdis and have completed and advanced my makeup skills using MAC cosmetics at Artists At Play Makeup Academy.

We only use high end makeup products at Ashliegh’s Artistry such as Chanel, Napoleon Perdis, Estee Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown and our lashes are complimentary with makeup applications.

I have such a passion for all things makeup and beauty and I pride myself on being a perfectionist and love nothing more than creating flawless looks for my clients every single time.

I look forward to being a part of your special day 🙂
Ashliegh Thompson

Ashliegh’s Artistry

Ashliegh on Instagram

Email: info[at]

Mobile: 0429 901 108

Spiritual Guidance – Do you want to be free?

Do you need a change? Do the same situations keep coming up for you and maybe you are feeling stuck and are not too sure what step to take next?

Have you ever thought of visiting a Spiritual Counsellor?

Hi I’m Michelle and I’ve been on a spiritual journey (sometimes unknown to me) my whole life. I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you. Small steps amount to big changes. I wish to empower and promote the real version of yourself. The version of you that already knows what to do. We all have the power to create our own reality through using the Law of Attraction. We can deprogram ourselves to align with a higher vibration. The one we all deserve and are so worthy of.

At an early age, we have been programmed to not feel good enough, to hide how we truly feel, to not ask or go for what we want because of failure, to blame others for how we feel. How long are you willing to wait for what you want?

I recently read a journal of mine from 1997/98. I compared it to another journal from 2012. I realised that I was still that same little girl on the inside that thought that I was unlovable and not good enough. Today I read my journals and see how far I’ve come. The changes are so fresh, let me share them with you. 🙂

I am a Spiritual Guide / Healer. From a young age I could sense energy in the room that others couldn’t sense. Over the years, I’ve learnt to tap into that energy and trusted in it to elevate me to my highest vibration. With positive intentions, I cured myself of an illness that I was told, could only be cured through surgery. Why? Because I believed it. I shifted my mindset from pain to love. We all have that power within us that can be tapped into.

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with you. The work that you can do with me unlocks the hidden version of yourself (the one that already knows what to do), removes blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your personal power. Let me be the light for you to find your way home.

Through the emotional situations experienced in your life, we can work through a life plan (in very small steps) to make sure that you learn these lessons in this lifetime. The lessons that you mapped out for yourself before you came here to Earth. How cool is that!

If you are feeling stuck and if anything is resonating with you, please feel free to give me a call to chat to see if we’d work well together. 0422 976 844

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Emotional and Physical Healing
  • Life Realignment
  • Tuning into your power within
  • Meditation

$70 per hour session.

Luke Hardman – Media Tight Video Production

“Patient, professional and a pleasure to work with. Look no further than Luke Hardman for your next video project – highly recommended.”  Agnelo Velho – Prana

Media Tight produces professional, high quality, brand-aware video content for new start-ups, corporates and SME businesses. In a market saturated with point and shoot enthusiasts, we deliver passion, ‘character’ and sophistication. In short, the people behind the camera know you, understand your brand presence, and tell your story eloquently.

Luke trained at Perth’s respected Central Institute of Technology, and refined his skillset with an Advanced Diploma in Film and Television (Directing), along with a Diploma in Civil and Structural CAD Drafting. A creative at heart, Luke has an eye for how businesses large and small differentiate themselves in a highly competitive field.

For further information please call Luke on 0402 043 404 or visit

Lyndall McAlpine – Certified Health Coach

Hi, I’m Lyndall McAlpine, a Certified Health Coach, specialising in weight loss, reducing cravings & detoxing.

I offer individual health & nutrition coaching and also run Group Programs throughout the year or individually by request. I love my work, seeing my clients blossom and gain control of their health is very rewarding.

Health is all about being proactive.

If you feel like your physical health is out of control and you would like help to regain your balance, book for a free initial consult or check out the links below to see how I might be able to help you.

Fiorente Health and Wellness
Phone: 0439 971079

Dominique & Sam Groenveld – Oh Beehave

Dominique and Sam are newly married couple who have been feeling the pressure to start producing some little tackers. Sam had been keen to start up a small business, and Dominique was keen to use her background in psychology and teaching in a useful way.

Through her work, she found that regardless of the reason she was working with parents, there were always common behaviour issues they would ask for help or advice on.
Dominique knew that the information was out there, but found it was difficult to find when scrolling through the millions of parenting articles on the internet, and even harder to tell whether the information was from a reliable and credible source.

Knowing there had to be an easier way for parents to access this information, Ohbeehave was born! provides parents with access to simple strategies for common everyday issues they encounter in their parenting world without having to scroll through thousands of articles on the internet.

The strategies on their website are based on both research and Dominique’s personal experience working with children and families. Parents also vote on the strategies, so they can see what is working most effectively for other parents and learn from others who are in the same boat as them.
For more information or to sign up for a free membership, visit

Angelo Velho – Mt. Lawley Physiotherapy & Podiatry

Feet first – making his way in the world…

Meet Angelo, our eldest son. Angelo completed his Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine at UWA and is now Senior Podiatrist at Mount Lawley Physiotherapy and Podiatry.

Like many young people, he worked while studying to augment the theory ‘in practice’ – a sound idea which gave him valuable experience and produced a special interest in paediatrics and sports related injuries. Gentle and meticulous (like his mother), Angelo broadened his scope along the way to include the issues many diabetic patients face with foot care and nail problems – including fungal nail infections and ingrown nails. He became their foot friend!

Speaking of feet… after work, Angelo gravitates to the gym or lets off steam running full tilt and kicking the ball around (he plays high amateur level in soccer as well as cricket). All of which lends itself to the meticulous care and preparation he provides his patients. Whether it’s his own training program or yours, he understands the training techniques and physical requirements associated with a variety of sporting disciplines.

He is a keen West Ham supporter (we blame his UK heritage for that one!). When he’s relaxing rather than running around the pitch you’ll find him engrossed in stand-up comedy on TV… just a normal young man who sings out to his mother “where’s the snacks?!”

Clearly, we are very proud of his accomplishments but more importantly, we know that our son has your best interests at heart. Next time you are in the Mt. Lawley area just ask him for a holistic, comprehensive treatment plan – he will be delighted to assist with any biomechanical problems, sporting injuries and prescription orthotics to keep you pain free so you too can perform at your peak!

Angelo Velho – Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine (UWA)
Special Skills: Podiatry related dry-needling, therapeutic ultrasound, taping methods, stretching and on-the-spot orthotic therapy.
Mount Lawley Physiotherapy and Podiatry. Senior Podiatrist. Phone 08 9271 8805

Maggie Petrie – Abel McGrath the Property People

Maggie initially gained valuable experience within residential sales administration before moving over to property management where she now assists clients first hand as an Investor Service Manager at the Leederville office of Abel McGrath. Maggie has an extensive history within the education field, as well as a wealth of experience in people management and coordination. She is a highly regarded member of the Abel McGrath team, respected for her high level of service, bubbly personality and passion for her industry.

Maggie maintains up-to-the minute knowledge of the rental market in Perth, conducting well-researched rental appraisals and drawing up and completing Management Authority contracts with her clients. She then liaises with her clients and prepares all marketing for their properties before handing the day-to-day management of the properties to one of her amazing property managers who are consistently praised by happy investors for their exceptional communication, professionalism and service – aspects often lacking in property management services.

Maggie will welcome you to our Property Management department, so that you can relax in the knowledge that your investment is in very capable hands. If you require a complimentary rental appraisal or have any questions around renting out properties, particularly in this challenging market, Maggie will be more than happy to look after you.

♥ Just mention that you are a PRANA client for a special offer…

Meet Maggie Investor Service Manager. 0477 477 054

Abel McGrath the Property People

Happy Investors: Property Management at Abel McGrath

Abel McGrath: Leaders in Property Management

Lisa Oteri – Weststate Seafoods

Meet Lisa Oteri… serial hard worker and part of the family team at Weststate Seafoods who have owned and run this respected wholesale business since 1988. Located at Bibra Lake, they mainly cater to restaurants, hospitals and the food service industry; providing an expansive range of fresh, frozen, imported and local products Australia wide. They are particular favourites of ours because they do their bit to promote sustainable seafood wherever possible – Saroj.

If you are in business and would like to receive a quote or a product list don’t hesitate to get in touch with them through the contacts below.

Visit Weststate Seafoods
Email Enquiries
Head Office: 08 9434 1200

Mara Kroyer – Yoga Instructor

A 10 year veteran of yoga teaching, Mara’s classes are held in the Applecross Scout Hall on Thursdays and Sundays. Suitable for everyone and all levels, her classes involve deep stretching and strengthening, with relaxation to finish.

Come. Try it. Your Trial Class is FREE
Come as and when you wish. Casual membership costs $15 per class
Commit to your own wellbeing with Mara’s ’10 Class Pass’ at $120

For more information, find Mara on Facebook
Email Mara with enquiries
Or call/text 0402 025 390

Beverley de la Harpe – NLP Therapist

HELLO. My name is Beverley de la Harpe and I work in the area of mental health and wellbeing. My labels are many; however the real work lies in my ability to assist clients with the everyday we all face.

Like it or not, we’re all on a cycle of birth and death and everything in-between. It’s that in-between that at times when the wheels come off is where I come in. Like it or not, the way we handle stress and anxiety is the number one cause for how our lives may appear to be.

It all starts in the bedroom!

If you are not processing your stressful day effectively whether you are dedicated mother or sit on the board, unless you deal effectively with your day’s stresses; your nights will be woeful, which prevents you from enjoying restful rejuvenating sleep; which, you guessed it, starts the cycle all over again the next day. Only this time, you’re more tired than you were the day before!

I know this is nothing new, however, learning effective take-home strategies and tools to manage your stress effectively, give you back your life and inspire you to reconnect to your whole reason for doing what you do, your purpose.

If you would like to know more about my services, please feel free to contact me. If you mention this article for Prana, there is a 10% discount off the regular price.

Beverley de la Harpe
m: 0412 777 111

Florence Patel – French Tutor


My name is Florence. I am French, live in Mount Pleasant, and I am licensed to teach to children. I offer group and individual classes after and during school hours.

I teach all levels and am tutoring pupils from Perth Modern School, Scotch College and Santa Maria College. The pupils have excellent results. I also organise a French Club for kids of all ages (beginner to intermediate/advanced level) in Mount Pleasant on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The groups generally consist of 8 pupils and are fun and interactive sessions. I change the activities every week so the children are always stimulated and do not get bored.

I also have 2-3 group sessions for adults during the week, spread over Tuesdays and Thursdays. The sessions last around 75 minutes and feature conversation and activities (cooking, poetry, movie reviews, etc.). It is a lot of fun!

A bientôt!

The French Club
Mobile: 0404 070982