Glucana Cleansing Bar 150gm



This versatile cleanser can be used on all skin types and can also be used as a ‘shaving crème’ for men who want to prevent shaving rashes.

Though this bar is very mild, it is highly effective in deep cleansing. It contains a pH balanced formula which contains NO alkalinity. It also contains the magic Beta-Fructan.

The Beta-Glucosamine quickly occupies the space vacated by the removed impurities. This phenomenon takes place across the entire depth of the stratum corneum, stratum granulosum and the stratum spinosum. It also contains Glucose-Polymer, a sugar polymer obtained by the hydrolysis of starch known for its moisture binding properties and rapid dissolving, water solubility. All our cleansing bars are solidified so as to avoid using preservatives which can cause allergies. The surfactants in the bars are able to attach themselves to underlying debris and raise them to the surface producing a deeper cleanse.


  • Highly effective in deep cleansing
  • Mild
  • Gently eliminates impurities and make-up
  • Gets rid of shaving rashes
  • Stops dandruff if used on the scalp once a week instead of shampoo.