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Prana’s philosophical and in-practice approach is holistic, which means that we regard beauty and wellbeing as interlinked – one not truly existing without the other.

For a discerning and rapidly growing clientele, we are proudly ‘a breath of fresh air’ in Perth. Like us, they understand that what the skin and hair absorbs affects cell structure and the body’s capacity for resilience and glowing health. Thus, the cosmetic products, treatments and equipment we endorse, source and use are world-class, safe, non-invasive, and as close to nature as possible.

Our client relationship is founded on heartfelt respect. It is mutual, reciprocated, and extremely important to us. In and out of the workspace, we enjoy the friendship and trust of people we genuinely care about. In our business you will find experience, training, ethics – and a refusal to take shortcuts (we would rather pack up and go home than give less than the level of service our clients expect).

What you may not expect to find is love. We love people, and they love us back!

if you love people, and they love you back… we need you

If you identify strongly with our way of being in the world – if, over and above credentials and experience – your natural disposition is to be in-service to people – to care for them, intuit their needs and connect with them on a personal level – you are the person we seek.

If you are looking for an opportunity to work and train with us, increase your hours and become a permanent and reliable member of our team; we are a perfect match (we intend to grow, and it is entirely possible that at some future point you may be our prime representative in another Perth location).

If you feel that you are that someone special we seek – who will not only reinforce our ethos but earn the respect and affection of our clients – we recommend a little ‘homework’: visit our website prior to contact… it will give you a sense of who we are, the philosophical stance we distinguish ourselves by and the special relationship we enjoy with our clients.

qualifications are good. attitude is better.

Speak to us before you compile and email your CV. We respect your qualifications and the time you spend compiling your resumé but it will help enormously if you first make contact with us on 0449 592 728 to introduce yourself and arrange an interview.

Saroj and Agnelo Velho. Prana