Ayurvedic Rituals: Ancient Healing Therapies

Ayurveda is the essential knowledge of life and longevity. Emerging over two millennia ago, the practice is deeply connected to an all-encompassing approach to total wellbeing and is often referred to as the “Science of Life”. Sharing ideals with the practices of yoga and homeopathy, the Ayurveda customs recognise the individuality of each of us. This therefore offers several unique opportunities to reconnect with your self’ in order to bring you back to centre.

Between our diets, exercise, relationships, the seasons and weather; our emotions can fluctuate and seem overwhelming. With Ayurveda, you are not just taking a break from symptoms of these numerous sources of stress in your life. Instead, you are focusing on renewing the source of your energy to restore equilibrium. Replenishing your energy and being mindful of its quality can inform us of what it is we need. Close consultation with Saroj will enable you to select the most suitable treatment. 

However you phrase it: pamper, indulge, or me time, embarking on one of these rituals will be a journey of rejuvenation back to a more balanced and refreshed you!

Shirodhara Sanskrit: shiro (head) dhara (flow)

Exclusive for existing Prana clients only; an invitation to travel back 5,000 years with us to meet the person within. Shirodhara is an ancient healing technique which not only brings you more fully into your own self but brings beneficial effects to every aspect of your life.