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From the catwalk to the beach and beyond, waxing leaves the body clean, deliciously smooth and infinitely touchable! In essence, waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root, making it by far the most convenient, cost-effective, longer-lasting and fast method of removing unwanted and/or unsightly body hair. With waxing, we do not need to worry about hair regrowth for at least 3-6 weeks. Naturally, we provide a luxurious hot towel wipe down, to remove any stickiness or residue left over from the waxing.

You know, our reputation is very important to us – our approach is principled, and we never take shortcuts or deviate from strict standards of both personal and in-situ hygiene and treatment protocols. Be assured that:

• We only ever use high quality waxes and the safest and purest aftercare lotions available to the market today.
• Our wax is always fresh and NEVER re-used.
• Our instruments are sterile.
• Our beds and bedlinen are disinfected (and fresh 100% pure cotton bed towels are provided for each client).
Last but not least – our waxing treatments include a complimentary foot massage before we begin. Enjoy!

Prana Waxing Discovered

Eyebrow Shaping $35
Upper Lip $18
Chin $20
Lip and Chin $36
Full Face $75
Under Arm $25
Full Arm $40
3/4 Leg $50
Acuminate Region $5
All Round Bikini $35
Beach Bikini $45
Full Leg $60
Full Leg and Bikini $85
Lower Half Leg $40
Upper Leg $50
Brazilian (first time) $70
Regular Brazilian (within 4 weeks) $65
Martini Brazilian $55
Pregnancy Brazilian (from 2nd Trimester onwards) $75
TryPrana’s Ear and Earlobe Cleanse, a Timeless Ayurvedic Treatment which moisturises and clears the sensory channels with herbal oils$15

Ladies… dare to be bare!

A hairless pubic region not only feels cleaner but is liberating for many women, allowing skimpy bikinis, swimwear and revealing lingerie to be worn without embarrassing hair growth…

The liberating feel of Brazilian Waxing

"we meet as strangers. no longer alone, we watch out for each other and travel as one"