Pain-free Waxing

You are in safe, mature and caring hands

All year round, waxing leaves your body feeling fresh, deliciously smooth and infinitely touchable from tip to toe. Waxing is a long-lasting method of hair removal which detaches the hair from the root. Effective, hygienic and safe even for sensitive areas, it produces vastly better results than shaving.

With waxing, you do not need to worry about hair regrowth for at least three to six weeks, however for even longer lasting results, see our IPL options for permanent hair reduction.

As you know, our reputation is very important to us. Our approach is professional, principled and dedicated to your ease and comfort. We never take shortcuts and maintain the highest standards of personal and in-situ hygiene. Be assured that:

  • we only use high-quality wax and the safest and purest aftercare lotions
  • our wax is always fresh and never re-used
  • our instruments are sterile
  • our beds and bedlinen are disinfected after every use and we provide fresh cotton bed towels for each client
  • we always give you a luxurious hot towel wipe down, to remove any stickiness or residue.

Complementary Foot Massage

Last but not least – all our waxing treatments include a complementary Prana foot massage before we begin. Close your eyes and enjoy!

Waxing Treatments