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Brazilian Waxing for First Timers? It’s Your Life!

first time brazilian for young or not so young

In a previous blog I wrote of an amazing woman who took a leap into the unknown and enriched not only her own life experience but mine as well. Waxing for the Ageless she called it. Through her, I came to realise that ‘first times’ are for everyone…

The article was called Liberty and it was in response to the most amazing not-so-young first-timer who arrived at my door looking every inch the elegant Charlotte Rampling of cinema fame. Bonnie was and still is one of my favourite visitors, such was her enthusiasm for life and her refusal to give in to age. Here are just some of the questions she asked, laced with her own brand of humour :-). If you too are hesitant and nervous about waxing (particularly in the genital area) – if you are young or not so young – this is written for you.

Saroj, people say that the whole scenario is much less painful than I imagine. Come on now… what’s the truth?

Well, I would say that the emotion you are experiencing now is much more painful than the actual waxing treatment. The affects of the treatment will be felt more keenly simply because it is your first time. That said, there will usually be a ‘tingling’ sensation afterwards which will be soothed with Prana creams and disappear within minutes.

So beauty therapists who specialise in waxing are not the devil incarnate?

[laughter] We aren’t! I would say that the opposite is true… personally, I am enriched by the feeling of cleanliness and freedom waxing gives me [there follows private conversation].

What should I do to prepare for this treatment, other than consume one or two Chardonnays?

Firstly, the impossible ask: try to leave your awkwardness behind – I am respectful of you. Alcohol won’t be necessary Bonnie, though you might enjoy a victory drink later in the day :-). Secondly (more positive) ensure that you exfoliate the top layers of dead skin cells in the shower and then apply moisturiser to hydrate.

When will my next session be needed?

Further sessions are typically between 4 – 6 weeks. In the meantime be warned: the temptation to ‘show off’ to your peers will be great. In the case of Brazilian Waxing, we recommend that you only remove your undies on special occasions :-).

Should I trim the excess hair growth for you before my next appointment?

No. Step away from the scissors before your next appointment. If you trim the hairs too short, this will result in a lot of tweezing. It’s better to come in ‘as is’ and let Prana sort it out.

What about Aftercare? I’m not going to be put on hold if I call you am I?

Aftercare is a given in that I am available to you anytime – just call or text me. If I am with another client Agnelo will take your call and make sure I respond personally to you same day. I was once a first-timer like you and I know that there are many questions you’ll have initially and many that will occur to you later…

Bonnie you are in my care, always.

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Siganture Saroj

Saroj Velho
BA (Hons.) Psychology: University of Delhi
Dip. Beauty Therapy: Australasian Academy of Wellness Therapies
Full Professional Member: Assoc. Professional Aestheticians Australia