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Brazilian Waxing: Revealing the Body Beautiful, Painlessly.

Today I want to tell you about some important aspects of Brazilian wax treatments.

If you’ve thought about having this delicate and intimate area waxed, you may have heard stories about how painful it is, how embarrassing it is or how undignified or ‘exposed’ you feel; and so on.

You may even have experienced some of those things.

At Prana, nothing could be further than the truth…

High quality salons choose the right wax

You may be surprised to know that there are two types of wax… the most appropriate and preferred for Brazilians is a superior quality hot wax – an Australian made beeswax with azulene (an organic compound which both soothes and softens the skin so that you get a totally pain-free experience).

Your skin is precious: be careful who treats it

We all have different skin, and a good salon will not only use the best quality waxes but make sure to spend time with you because when the procedure is rushed, you may experience pain and the end result will be disappointing.

For instance a common problem for women (unlike men) is that this area is prone to ingrown hairs. It is therefore vital to take the time to remove them carefully without damaging the skin, and to avoid breaking the hairs and encouraging the regrowth of ingrown, coarser hair. The perfect waxing procedure is a relaxed affair: pain-free and very thorough; leaving the area totally hair free and clean.

Integrity and respect for the client is paramount

Just as important as all the above is the environment you trust with treating this delicate area. It goes without saying that the salon must be scrupulously clean itself; that fresh disposable bed rolls are placed over pure cotton towels and changed after each client and that spatulas are absolutely never re-used.

There is another important aspect, often neglected, that Prana takes great pride in and that is that clients should be treated with dignity and respect. After all, we are entrusting perhaps our most private body area to another person. It takes a long time to establish trust, and a very short time to break the bond between us. Never more so than with a Brazilian wax! Respect is paramount. You should never feel ‘exposed’, cold, or embarrassed.

Aftercare for the bare new you!

Lastly, be assured of the appropriate aftercare according to your skin type and other factors; including the length of time we recommend between appointments (on average, every four to five weeks).

I hope I’ve helped. Brazilian waxing is not for everyone, but if you are ready to take the plunge, just remember you are in safe, mature and caring hands. Saroj.

If you would like to read more, please visit our Brazilian Waxing page. Or take a moment to call Prana on (08) 9316 1553.

Also, our Prana Waxing Treatments page is below, for your interest…

Waxing: clean smooth and infinitely touchable!