Spa Indulgences

Indulge in the moment, celebrate the extraordinary

Take a break from the world and let yourself be pampered from head to toe. It’s an incomparable experience! Our unique range of spa indulgences use only the finest natural ingredients and combine age-old Indian healing techniques with modern luxuries. Our treatments are tailored to leave you feeling relaxed, beautiful and serenely confident. Whether you want to relieve stress, enjoy some divine self-care, reveal the radiance of your skin and hair or prepare yourself immaculately for a special day, you’re in the right place. Press pause and escape into bliss.

Prana Madhur

30 min | $95

Prana Madhur is a replenishing hair treatment that restores nutrients lost due to over-exposure, excessive blow drying and chemical treatments. Specially selected hair oil is warmed and gently massaged into the scalp, focusing on vital energy points. This nourishes the hair, while releasing stress and increasing circulation to the scalp.


60 min | $165

Pranashira is the ultimate hair treatment. Warmed herbal hair oil is massaged into the scalp, focusing on vital energy points – a deeply relaxing experience that stimulates circulation, promotes hair growth and eliminates dryness. We then apply a herbal hair mask, which we suggest you leave on for a few hours before washing off. Finally, your hair is wrapped in a warm towel to allow the properties of the herbs to infuse, leaving it healthier and more vibrant.

Tip to Toe in Harmony

75 min | $210

In Indian culture, we believe the soles of your feet are directly connected to your soul. In this glorious treatment, we honour them with Ayurvedic metals such as copper (to reduce pain and inflammation), zinc (to aid the immune system) and tin (to aid digestion, and relieve headaches and insomnia). We begin by cleansing the feet and legs before massaging the toes, feet, ankles and calves to enhance joint mobility, blood flow and relaxation.

If you weren’t already blissed out, this ritual is complemented by an Indian head massage in which warm oils are gently massaged into the scalp. Focusing healing touch on the vital energy centres of the head is profoundly relaxing and helps to calm the nervous system and increase circulation. After this lavish attention, you’ll feel tip to toe in harmony.

Prana Dreaming

3 hours | $395

Relax, dream, put your cares aside and emerge feeling like a new person. In, Prana Dreaming, one of our signature treatments, we care for body and soul with three sumptuous treatments wrapped into one unforgettable experience. This is a superlative gift to give yourself or your most treasured people.

As the seasons change and the passage of time leaves its imprint, the skin can become dull and dry. Our Tridosha Facial uses a combination of organic herbs tailored to your complexion that melt into the skin to restore hydration and give it a smooth, glowing appearance. This is luxurious Ayurvedic care at its best.

After your facial, enjoy the ultimate ritual of indulgence, Prana’s Full Body Massage, which releases tension around the muscles and joints and rebalances the chakras, infusing life and vitality into body, mind and spirit. Ayurvedic principles teach us that happy progress in life is connected to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Relax. Indulge. Emerge…

Complete the dream with a time-honoured ritual, our Prana Madhur For Hair, a replenishing treatment to rebalance and restore nutrients lost due to over-exposure, excessive blow-drying and chemical treatments. Warmed herbal hair oil is massaged into the scalp, focusing on vital energy points to increase circulation. Feel your cares melt away. This is sublime way to finish a deeply nurturing experience.

Spend a Day with Me

6 hours | $975

Come inside the Prana sanctuary, forget the outside world, and share a very special day with me, Saroj, for the ultimate pampering experience. Enjoy a refreshing chai before we start on the first of many treatments over the course of six, luxuriant, unhurried hours.

  • Lie back as we define your features with our world-class Threading.
  • Relax and enjoy Saroj’s signature therapy for hands and feet.
  • Glow from the inside out, with our Pranavedic Facial, a signature treatment without peer, designed to balance and complement your Ayurvedic dosha (constitution).
  • Experience the ultimate in nurturing touch, with our deeply relaxing Traditional Indian Massage, which will leave you serene and balanced from head to toe.

There will be breaks in the day to rehydrate and enjoy fresh fruit, and around midday, a delicious lunch will be served.