Spend a day with me…

Come and spend an unforgettable day with me, Saroj. Our full-day beauty treatment package will leave you refreshed and relaxed in body and soul, glowing with your natural beauty. Experience this most sublime of gifts for yourself, or give it to someone you cherish.

Your glorious morning

10am: tea is served as we welcome you to our day together. Relax as we set the scene for the first of many delights that await you… Experience our world-class threading, combined with a carefully modulated tint to your eyebrows and lashes. Thus we define and accentuate the quintessential you – your face to the world. Next, enjoy Saroj’s signature therapy for hands and feet, including a warm-water soak, gentle exfoliation and restorative mask. This luxurious and leisurely treatment will give you the chance to relax while we pamper you from tip to toe.

Lunch is served…

At 1pm, take a break from your labours to enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch, including fresh fruits, light and nourishing savoury food and, of course, our much-loved herbal tea range.

The afternoon delights

After a short consult to determine your Ayurvedic dosha, lie back and be pampered with a Pranavedic Facial to replenish the nutrients that protect and hydrate your skin, returning it to its former buoyancy. We use a combination of organic herbs to promote richly hydrated, youthful skin.

Then, let the world recede as you experience the full sequence of Prana’s first-class massage treatments: a traditional Indian head massage to relieve mental and emotional tension; a full-body Ayurvedic massage to release aches and stress held in the body; and lastly, our Kansa Vatki foot massage to complete the cycle. Refreshed, relaxed and restored to yourself, you will truly leave on cloud nine.

We wish you a fond farewell, health and happiness – until next time…