What is Ayurveda?

And how it relates to health and beauty

Ayurveda; the ancient Sanskrit word that means ‘life-knowledge’, a qualitative, holistic strategy of health and longevity, the quest of every civilisation. Ayurveda views good health as retaining balance; within ourselves, to the people surrounding us, our environment and to the universe. As practitioners of Ayurveda, it signifies that at Prana Ayurvedic Spa, our philosophical approach, our practice and our treatments, are in accord. 

My friends, if I could tell you one thing about Ayurveda it would be this: nothing is in isolation. Everything on the surface is a result of our attention to nature. So it is, that Ayurveda seeks to heal and renew that which exists for you now. After all, we know that health and beauty, beautiful skin with a natural glow, are a state of being: intrinsically linked to inner harmony and wellbeing. 

The Ayurvedic principles, as practised in our spa, encompass all physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They are both ancient and utterly modern. Timeless principles which underpin our ability to recuperate, heal, and live life beautifully: not just superficially but foundationally! Truly vibrant for our entire life journey from the inside out!

It should also be said, that whilst I absolutely respect the advice of medical professionals, my culture and 25 years’ experience points me to immutable, timeless principles of health. Struggles with fatigue, insomnia, bouts of low mood, stress or depression, hormonal and other imbalances, are all manifestations of a body out of harmony. These and other conditions often result in ill health if left untreated by a medical professional. Ayurveda, the oldest documented holistic medical system, compliments scientific advances and modern life in conjunction with optimal health and beauty. 

In many ways, Ayurveda restores, maintains and replenishes the natural balance, by providing a path to wellbeing, through Ayurvedic treatments and cuisines. By applying a more natural way of living, thousands of people all over the world benefit from this holistic perspective. We wish you complete health with our growing collection of ayurvedic tips.

The Prana Difference

“You are truly beautiful when you feel beautiful”

We want you to feel beautiful, and in ‘feeling beautiful’ you are truly beautiful, transformed from the inside out…

Have you ever wondered why Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is considered the most sublime woman in art history? Certainly it is not her overt beauty for in truth she is not, to our Western eyes, ‘beautiful’. But there is a mystique, yes? She poses modestly for us, a little cold even. But look closely… she gazes into your eyes and invites you to find the mystery of womanhood. Her assuredness, deep contentment and sensuality is what we want you to feel as you leave Prana.

This is our philosophy and our holistic approach. Yes, we are ‘in business’ but more importantly we are ‘in service’ and there is a great distinction between the two. Here you will discover the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient and timeless approach to the creation of a more beautiful you that is much deeper and more lasting than the merely cosmetic.

We are ‘for you’; male, female, young or old. At Prana, we are for humanity. All are made more sensual, more alive and more beautiful through the healing power of touch and the gentleness of environmentally safe, pure and natural treatments. So come. Call, text or book online. If you live or work near Applecross, take a gentle stroll to our door. Place yourself in our caring hands…

About Saroj


You know how it is when you have to write something about yourself? It is an amazingly difficult thing to do, certainly for Saroj, who is quiet, contemplative, and modest despite her accomplishments and talents. She has asked me to help. Not that she couldn’t express herself perfectly well; but because she is unused to (and a little reluctant to engage with) the self-absorption that these things demand. That last illustrates perfectly who she is. So Saroj, thank you for trusting me. This is your story… Chris.

Devoted wife. Partner in life and business. Loving mother of two beautiful young men. Advocate for only that which sustains buoyancy, health and longevity. Passionate cook. Vegetarian. Those are the facts unadorned…

People are too often labelled so I hope Saroj will forgive this observation, she is ‘A Servant of Life’. She is here to assist, to make the lives of everyone she meets more beautiful, more tranquil, grounded and worthwhile. To that end, she practices Ayurveda, an Indian system of alternative medicine in which body, mind, and spirit are inextricably linked entities supporting health, beauty and longevity.

These practices guide her personal relationships, and her relationship to us as clients. Which is lucky for us! Her warmth translates to an experience rarely seen in salons these days. The luxury of natural products and treatments, genuine personal care and even rarer, time to refresh ourselves and emerge not just more beautiful, but more content and alive.

This gentle and accomplished woman is also a passionate cook. Passionate about living well and nourishing our minds and bodies with healthy, delicious vegetarian food. If you love the colours, tastes and aromas of Indian food (as I do), you are going to love her online recipes. Enjoy!

When we listen to people, when we see the essence of their character, we are no longer strangers to their dreams, hopes and intentions. In the best of worlds, friendship blossoms; as it did for me. Come. Meet Saroj. You’ll be happy you did.

~ Chris Lees. Friend. Mentor.

Meet Agnelo

Your personal concierge

With an eye for detail and an ethos of service, Agnelo is the other half of the Prana team. As the executive assistant, he makes bookings a breeze and answers any question you might have.

When you walk into Prana, you immediately feel the serene atmosphere and find yourself relaxing in the beautiful, peaceful surrounds. It is thanks to Agnelo, for whom customer satisfaction is paramount, that Prana feels like a sanctuary. Your first and last point of contact, he is warm and friendly and easy to talk to on a myriad of topics. Genuinely interested in communication, Agnelo complements the Prana team perfectly.

Call him on 0449 592 728 to make a booking, discuss a treatment, or have any of your questions answered.


22 Moreau Mews, Applecross

We loved our new abode in leafy Applecross the moment we saw it! It truly reflects who we are and we know you’ll love it too. Warm and inviting, flowing and open throughout, it is a calm and peaceful space for all your favourite treatments.

Here you’ll find convenient on-site parking or if you are coming by public transport, Canning Bridge train station and buses are a short walk away. The Swan River is on our doorstep and if you’re feeling peckish, explore some of the exciting eateries and coffee shops nearby.

A respectful and unique experience awaits you from the moment you have made your booking.


Professional Collaborations

A special THANK YOU to the people behind the scenes… we really couldn’t do without you!

Sanjeev Sharma :: Designer

I have over a decade of experience, having worked for brands like India Today, Oracle and IBM prior to founding Designjaunt in March 2007. I have been designing logos, engaging websites and marketing collaterals for my clients worldwide that get results for their businesses. Want to learn more about me than you ever thought you needed to know? Well, Come on in!


Suzie Wilson :: Interior Design

Suzie leads a Perth based Interior Design business and was engaged by Prana to assist in the redesign of their Spa.  Storyline Designs delves into the core values of any business and its users, ensuring that their individual story is represented through the journey created within the space.  This is an exciting and engaging process that we are extremely passionate about.


Chris Lees :: Copywriter

As an editor and copywriter it is my job to tell your story without resorting to pretentious language, lazy clichés and overt marketing. The Prana project was a copywriter’s dream: its co-owners were (and are) genuine, principled, empathic and hard working professionals. Pure pleasure!

Gareth Mealor :: Website Marketing

It’s our job to get your digital presence noticed and acted upon. We become an important part of your team, working with you to maximise your chances of getting new business in the most appropriate way.


Agnelo Velho :: Co-founder, Prana

Prana co-founder, ideas and organisational backbone – Agnelo is also an extraordinary mentor and adviser to small business people. He knows well, that with the right approach you grow and prosper. For business mentoring and coaching contact Agnelo below:

“Don’t chase the money. Chase the passion. All else follows.” ~ Agnelo