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threading: ancient meets modern

threading… a finely drawn portrait

Threading has become one of Australia’s most sought after methods for removing facial hair because it is a very gentle technique which uses a special cotton thread: twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin to entwine the hairs and gently lift them out from the follicle.

In the hands of an experienced and skillful beautician, threading (more than any other technique) frames the eye, balances our natural features and gives a polished and professional finish to our ‘portrait’.

waxing, tweezing or threading? Let’s see now…

Waxing has come a long way but most people don’t realise that every time they wax, chemicals are removing layers of skin. Overtime, because we are repeatedly pulling on the same small area, there is loss of the natural elasticity of the skin.

Tweezing or plucking (the go-to home treatment for previous generations) irritates sensitive skins. It’s a tedious job at best, and if you have poor eyesight, it’s all the more hit and miss. Tweezing is a temporary solution when we are young. As we age, it’s a more annoying and less effective treatment. Today, we can do better.

Threading is clean, natural and safe. It produces the flawlessly polished look you see on the society pages and on the faces of our most discerning movie stars and models.

Frequently asked questions about threading

Eyebrow Shaping $40
Upper Lip $20
Chin $25
Lip and Chin $45
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin $75
Facial Sides $30
Full Face $85
Full Face and Neck $95

An invitation to aspiring beauty therapists

Threading is an art, not a job… more than an occupation that someone can learn in a few hours or days, it is an acquired skill which sees the face as a canvas with a unique set of features – your ‘face to the world’ with all its marvellous proportions, shapes and colours. Prana cordially invites you to learn one of Australia’s most sought-after methods for removing facial hair and a skill you will surely need as you build your professional portfolio. We will teach you how to meaningfully engage with your clients, assess their facial contours and assure they return to you.

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