Prana for Men

These days, men are just as concerned as women are about looking and feeling their best… everything from clear skin to an athletic appearance impacts their personal lives and quite possibly, the way they’re viewed at work. The modern man knows there’s more to grooming than a quick shower and shave – we applaud the confident, sexy and attractive HIM!

Waxing: Clean. Smooth. Touchable

That’s a given with high quality waxes and the safest and purest aftercare lotion available on the market today (and by the way, our wax is always fresh and NEVER re-used). Prana prides itself on the fact that our instruments are sterile, beds disinfected, and that we provide fresh 100% pure cotton bed towels for every client. That’s our guarantee.

Eyebrow Trim & Tidy$40
Eyebrow Tint$22
Under Arm$35
Full Arm (inc. hands & knuckles)$60
Chest, Neck & Shoulders$75
Full Back, Shoulders & Neck$75
Full Leg (inc. feet & toes)$80
The Manzilian$110
Ear & Earlobe Cleanse + Moisturise with Ayurvedic Oil$15

For longer lasting hair removal results, try IPL.

Facials for Him

Deep Cleanse & Exfoliate: 60 min / $145
With anti-ageing serums for improved skin structure: 60 min / $165

City pollution, environmental stress, travel, business pressures or lack of sleep are reflected in dull, lifeless skin. This relaxing facial removes dead skin cells to purify and hydrate.

The deep cleanse and exfoliate procedure aids in preventing blocked pores and is followed by an intense head, neck and shoulder massage using karporadhi oil to stimulate the crown, third eye and throat chakras, dissolving blockages that subvert the flow of inner energy.

Indian Head Massage… an investment HE won’t regret

35 min $95 | 60 min $155

As many of our senior executives tell us, the outside world recedes as they experience the rhythmic flow of movements which release a tenseness they’d perhaps become accustomed to. Aches, tension and stress slip away as we massage the head, face, neck, upper back and shoulders in circular motions to restore the body’s natural balance. Indeed, Champissage (as it is known in India) is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy based on a timeless knowledge: that our success in life is deeply connected to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Ayurvedic Massage for HIM

60 min $155 | 90 min $225

Take time out for a one hour or 90 minute Ayurvedic massage… it’s the perfect feel-good getaway and a well-earned break from workplace commitments. You will emerge (in the nicest possible way) a new and more energetic man… stress, aches and pains relieved, and muscle tone improved.

Beyond Ordinary. Signature Treatments for HIM

Prana Maharaja Sanskrit: The King

120 min / $295

More than ever, men are challenged by a fast-paced working environment which leaves little time to regroup and rediscover the drive and enthusiasm they need to meet each day’s demands.

Prana Maharaja is therefore our ultimate offering… a treatment so luxurious that you’ll leave totally released from mental distractions and physical aches and pains. Your leisurely Ayurvedic session begins with a puja (a prayer which honours the life journey you are on and offers understanding, and release from what ails you). A period of meditation helps you unwind, centering you and allowing your mind to quieten. Indulge, as we bathe your feet with warming rose water before you experience the total indulgence of a leg, back and head massage to rebalance the body’s chakras or energy points. Simply, the body and mind nurtured.

Prana Paripurti Sanskrit: Cleansing, Purification

120 min / $295

Prana Pariputi combines a herbal facial plus a sea salt back scrub in one unforgettable treatment. For the sea salt back scrub, we use only the purest and finest salt to detox and exfoliate tired, grimy and clogged skin. For fly in fly out employees especially, this wonderful treatment uses essential oils to nourish – leaving them clean, refreshed and feeling delicious. And it doesn’t end there… our herbal facial treatment massages away city pollution, environmental stress, travel, business pressures or lack of sleep (all of which are reflected in dull, lifeless skin). We’ll remove dead skin cells to purify and hydrate, and our exfoliate procedure cleanses blocked pores.

Finally, indulge your inner self with an intense head, neck and shoulder massage using karporadhi oil to stimulate the crown, third eye and throat chakras; dissolving blockages that subvert the flow of inner energy.