Prana for Men

Groomed. Aware. Confident.

For the discerning man who knows there’s more to grooming than a quick shower and a shave, we have a range of options, from safe and effective hair removal and no-nonsense skin care, to our more opulent treatments that will leave you feeling like a million dollars. Whether you want to remove unwanted hair, minimise the visible signs of ageing with a cleansing facial, or de-stress with an invigorating or relaxing massage, we have the perfect treatments for you.

Waxing for him

Clean. Smooth. Touchable – these are a given with the high-quality waxes and soothing aftercare lotions used by Prana. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned customer, the utmost professionalism and discretion of our experienced therapist will put you at ease. We stand behind the scrupulous cleanliness, comfort and safety of our waxing treatments.

Eyebrow trim$10
Eyebrow trim and tidy$40
Eyebrow tint$25
Under arm$35
Full arm (including hands and knuckles)$60
Chest, neck and shoulders$75
Full back, shoulders and neck$75
Full leg (including feet and toes)$90
The Manzilian$115
Ear and earlobe cleanse + moisturise with Ayurvedic Oil$15

For longer-lasting hair removal, try our IPL for men.

No-fuss Facials

Deep cleanse and exfoliate: 60 min / $145
With anti-ageing serums for improved skin structure: 60 min / $165

Pollution, sun damage and environmental toxicity, as well as stress and fatigue, take their toll on the sensitive skin of the face. This relaxing, no-fuss facial gently removes dead cells, hydrates the skin and promotes the elasticity and regenerative capacity of skin cells.

After a cleansing and exfoliating procedure that aids in preventing blocked pores, enjoy an invigorating head, neck and shoulder massage with karporadhi oil to stimulate the crown, third eye and throat chakras, dissolving blockages that hinder the flow of energy. Leave feeling relaxed, confident and ready to face the world.

Indian Head Massage

35 min $105 | 60 min $165

As our regular clients tell us, a massage at Prana makes the outside world recede and tensions and worries melt away. Champissage, as it is known in India, is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy in which the head, face, neck, upper back and shoulders of the seated client are massaged using firm, rhythmic strokes.

This is the perfect treatment if you suffer from tension headaches, muscular pain in the neck and upper back or tightness across the shoulders. Indian head massage both invigorates and relaxes you, calming stress while reawakening your natural vitality.

Ayurvedic Massage

60 min $165 | 90 min $235

Take a well-deserved break and give something to yourself for a change. A sixty or ninety-minute Ayurvedic massage relieves muscular tension, improves joint mobility and circulation, and leaves you calm, grounded and relaxed. As with all our Ayurvedic treatments, our experienced therapist will determine your constitution, or dosha, which means the massage can be perfectly tailored to you.

Crème de la crème: Signature treatments for him

Prana Maharaja Sanskrit: The King

120 min / $295

More than ever, men are under pressure to perform, to compete and to succeed in a fast-paced working environment. This leaves little time to regroup, find your centre and rediscover the drive and motivation needed to meet the demands of each day.

If that’s you, Prana Maharaja is the ultimate offering to bring you back to a grounded, relaxed and confident sense of self. Your leisurely Ayurvedic session begins with a consult to determine your dosha, so the treatment can be tailored to you. Relax, as we bathe your feet in warm rose water before you experience the total indulgence of a full-body massage to rebalance the body’s energy points, or chakras. Find your centre again, and head back into the world revitalised and ready for the next challenge.

Prana Uttam Sanskrit: Heavenly

120 min / $295

Especially loved by FIFO workers, or anyone working in demanding, physical or stressful environments, Prana Uttam will leave you feeling clean, refreshed and energised. Starting with a herbal facial and sea-salt back rub to detox and exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt and environmental toxins, we take off the tired outer layers and reveal a shiny, new you. And it doesn’t end there… To send you back into the world refreshed and invigorated, you’ll enjoy a stimulating head, neck and shoulder massage using karporadhi oil. Designed to restore balance to the crown, third eye and throat chakras, this energising massage clears blockages, eases muscle tension and revives flagging energy.