Shirodhara: The Signature Treatment of Ayurveda

90 min | $275

This experience is at the core of an age-old perspective to wellness. With the majority of all modern diseases linked to anxiety, Shirodhara provides an opportunity for you to find deep relaxation, which is required for effective stress reduction. If you are interested in detoxifying and revitalising, this is the ideal indulgence.

Benefits of Shirodhara:

  • reduced stress
  • lessens anxiety 
  • improved sleep quality
  • enhanced energy 
  • manages insomnia 

After luxuriating in a full head and foot massage with rich oils, either herb infused oil or nutrient filled buttermilk is poured continuously onto the forehead for approximately thirty minutes. It is within this state of utter tranquility that balance can begin to be restored to the body, as well as the mind.

It is important to understand that your experience will be unique to you, influenced by your current state of health and the goals you may wish to reach. This trusted method to reconnect Body, Mind and Soul is as powerful as it is healing.

Saroj will bring the ‘Heart’ to this experience.