Facial Threading Foundation Training

Building your Professional Portfolio: Here in Perth, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to train in our premier spa, with our experienced and skilful Ayurvedic practitioner Saroj. These days, if you are an aspiring beauty therapist you really should add this one-on-one training to your professional portfolio. Come, build upon what you already know, discover meaningful engagement with your client-base and increase your expertise in the art form of threading!

Who Can Apply? You!

Trainees, newly qualified therapists and beauty-therapy enthusiasts should all look to investing in their personal and professional development. The former are sure to add another string to their bow with a resume that reflects the competencies they have and training they’ve undertaken with reputable salons. The latter will increase their own personal growth, proficiency and expertise.

There are no formal entry or participation requirements – however, knowledge and understanding of the skin and skin conditions is recommended.

“Clients much prefer the precise art of eyebrow and facial threading for its ability to accentuate the eyes beautifully and offers a much finer, more defined result. Pain-free, cleaner and more natural, Hollywood stars and high-end models all know that it’s an absolute must if you want to make your mark in a highly competitive field…”

Training Structure
  • Caring for clients: initial consultation and preparation.
  • Assessing the contraindications.
  • Eyebrow shaping and facial threading techniques.
  • Aftercare.

For our Facial Threading Foundation course, please allow 4 hours.

Class Composition 

Prana Courses are a ONE-ON-ONE experience. This is because we do not believe that being part of a group or class with varying experience addresses your needs. Therefore, Prana Courses are an opportunity to interact directly with Saroj, our principal practitioner therapist, according to your own abilities and experience.

Cost: $395 

The course fee includes:

  • A four hour initial training session.
  • A professional training reference manual.
  • Certification upon successful completion of the training.
  • Access to online, ongoing student support and…
  • A further 30 to 45 minute refresher (to be undertaken within 3 months of your original session).

We accept cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or payment by direct deposit.

For Registration

Our training, like our treatments, is tailored individually to suit you by fitting around your work, study or family responsibilities. Contact us 0449 592 728 to arrange a day and time that suits you (rather like a normal booking).

Other Training

We are frequently asked “Do you provide other training?” The short answer is YES! We are dedicated Ayurvedic practitioners and mentors by our nature and philosophical beliefs of being ‘in service’. Again, just contact us 0449 592 728 to enquire about our other Ayurvedic foundation training.

Volunteer Information

To gain confidence and practice your skills, a friend to accompany you is especially valuable. If you can’t arrange someone for the 4 hour session on the day, please notify us and we will try to arrange a volunteer for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Saroj, I’m booked in to take your Threading course next month, but a colleague told me that there was ‘more pressure to perform’ than she’d anticipated. She passed, but I am still a bit apprehensive. Can you tell me what skills you are looking for me to demonstrate? Many thanks, June Pelosi.

June, I don’t want to make our Courses impossibly hard but on the other hand I don’t want to short-change either you or your future clients. So here’s the thing: you have come from a class environment where your teacher could not possibly give each student one-on-one attendance and instruction. I am here to fill in the education gaps and set you apart from your classmates so that salons (and clients) will always choose you.

Dear Saroj, I am thinking of attending a Threading course with Prana. Does attendance automatically grant me certification, and if not, what happens then? Many thanks, Sasha Prioli.

Sasha certification is based on my professional assessment of your practical and personal skills… it certainly isn’t automatic, because that would not serve you (or your clients) well. However, should you fail, I will identify the areas you need to brush up on and advise you to return after you’ve had time to practice or fine-tune them. When you are ready, we assign you 45 minutes Free of Charge to take the test again.

Hi Saroj, I have just completed a formal beauty course but am wondering if I should broaden my skillsets to include Threading. Would you mind explaining how this would justify the cost of your course? Many thanks, Justine.

This course is designed to fill in the gaps and broaden your ‘beauty education’. You will spend a full 3 hours one-on-one, learning and practicing side by side with me, rather than sitting in a class with your peers (who are all trying to listen, watch and absorb information). I gently guide you, correcting as you go so as to perfect your technique and (importantly) allow for all eye and face shapes. Threading is growing in popularity now and having that skill will really set you apart! Warmly, Saroj.

Hi Saroj, Thanks so much for teaching me threading a few weeks ago, I think you are such a lovely person and left feeling so lucky to have your guidance. I do have a couple of questions though and am happy for an email response as I know you are very busy. I am practising on friends and family and slowly gaining a little more confidence. That said, I am wondering… if they come with makeup on and I need to cleanse it off, what is the most natural product to use that I might be able to buy in Geraldton? Also, once I am done would I put lotion on all clients? If not, who would you apply it to? Lastly, what lotion is best (sorbolene, a balm or other product)? Thank you, Karen Cooper.

Karen, if clients come with makeup on, it must be removed so that any hair (on eyebrow, chin, lip etc.) is visible. To calm inflamed skin or any tingling sensation the client may feel, I recommend a soothing lotion like Caron’s mango or tea-tree after-wax soothing lotion. I also advise a cold pack if the client feels very warm.
I hope that helps… please feel free to contact me if you need further advice. Warmly, Saroj.

Dear Saroj, You are a respected beauty therapist and very much loved so I hope you’ll forgive me for asking: how can Prana Course students possibly learn Eyebrow and Facial Threading in 3 hours? Again forgive me but if Threading is an ancient art, surely there is more we as students need to know, understand, practice and perfect? Kind regards, Pia.

Pia thanks so much for your question… it is a valid one. Can one pass on the skills of a lifetime in 3 hours? Clearly Pia, no. But I urge you (as I do all students) to remember that “repetition is the mother of skill” – in other words: practice, practice, practice! Only then will you truly master the art. Prana’s foundational courses teach you the techniques which through patience, repetition and diligence will (I promise you) become your ‘signature’ as a practitioner. Pia we are all students of life. I urge you to begin your journey. It can only lead to more opportunity… Saroj.