Most Sought-after Beauty Treatments

The practices of Prana Ayurvedic Spa, are at the heart of that which clients of only truly great spas ever receive, deeply personal experiences! You are entering a sanctuary where regardless of the treatment, no matter how big or small, ALL are honoured. Feel relaxed and pampered, confident that your therapist is ever focused… wanting above all else to serve. Whether you choose from our drop down menu or one of our most sought-after treatments below, embrace your period of renewal and rejuvenation.

Step back from the outside world into a sanctum of both ancient and truly modern… 

“For me, beauty treatments are a deeply personal experience… a time where worldly cares are suspended in the giving and receiving of respect and love. Whether we share our inner-most thoughts, laugh together, or simply enjoy the respite of companionable silence; we are “as one”. Each day inspires me…”

– Saroj Velho