Prana Sariri : Pregnancy Massage

Mums and Mums-to-Be, We Honour You

You are deeply honored and respected as you await the arrival of new life. Prana Sariri offers a supportive, grounding massage tailored for mothers during pregnancy and postpartum. This treatment is safe, restorative, and profoundly nurturing, providing you a well-deserved moment to focus on your own well-being while caring for others. Our therapy is carefully designed to relax the body and alleviate emotional stress, particularly during the crucial second and third trimesters. We pay special attention to the positioning and cushioning of your beautiful, blossoming body to ensure that each massage is safe and supportive in every way. With our experienced therapists, you’re in the best hands during this exciting and sacred time.

Prenatal massage

60 min $165 | 90 min $235

Whether you’re a first-time mom or have experienced childbirth before, pregnancy is a period of significant change. Your body undergoes dramatic transformations, and your emotions might fluctuate wildly; even as daily life continues its usual pace. Our protective, restorative prenatal massage offers a serene pause for you to stop, rest, and be nurtured.

This specialised massage is designed to support the lymphatic and endocrine systems, crucial during pregnancy as they help manage and balance hormonal levels and aid in fluid retention. By reducing swelling in the limbs and easing tension in the joints and muscles, Prana Sariri helps you relax deeply, fostering trust in your body and empowering your inner strength as you prepare for childbirth.

Postnatal massage

75 min $185

The postpartum period is a profoundly beautiful yet challenging time as you adjust physically and emotionally to motherhood. Our postnatal massage is deeply supportive, offering much-needed relaxation and down time. It assists your circulatory and lymphatic systems in safely eliminating toxins, ensuring no interference with breastfeeding. Postnatal Prana Sariri helps you find relaxation and emotional balance as your body recuperates, embodying our commitment to your wellness.

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“Trusting me, you drifted off to sleep in my care… for me there is no greater compliment.”