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brazilian waxing at prana

Brazilian waxing… a respectful and caring journey with Prana Applecross

Be free to express who you are. A hairless pubic region not only feels cleaner but is liberating for many women, allowing skimpy bikinis, swimwear and revealing lingerie to be worn without embarrassing hair growth being visible.

Unsurprisingly, both men and women find that pubic waxing enhances sexual pleasure. Our waxing procedure (commonly known as the Brazilian) takes around 30 minutes and should be repeated every 3 – 4 weeks.The amount of hair removed and the final shape and design you desire around this area really is a matter of personal choice… whatever you set your heart on, there is nothing to be shy about or uncomfortable with. Relax. Explore your sensual self…

This is a journey we share and we begin with a complimentary foot massage. Enjoy! As you prepare yourself mentally for Brazilian Waxing… trust us. You are absolutely safe in our care.

Brazilian (first time) $70
Regular Brazilian (within 4 weeks) $65
Just-a-Trim please 🙂 (with a trimmer) $55

professional. safe. that’s the Prana promise…

Prana uses only fresh wax and the safest and purest aftercare lotions available. You may depend on sterile instruments (of course!), fresh 100% pure cotton bed towels and a scrupulously clean environment. Our gentle attention and luxurious hot towel wipe-down will leave you clean, smooth, and infinitely touchable!

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