Brazilian Waxing

Indulging Sensual Wellbeing with Precious Care

Not only does a Brazilian wax sanction the removal of hair in the lower body region, it also removes lifeless surface skin cells through the action of physical exfoliation. Our gentle handling and waxing procedure takes around 30 minutes. The extent of hair removed, the final contour and the design you desire, really is a matter of personal choice… whatever you set your heart on, there is nothing to be shy about or uncomfortable with.

Liberate yourself of inconvenient hair propagation, and reveal a hairless pubic region with a Brazilian wax. A truly subtle, sensual pleasure that reconnects you with yourself, to enable the most negligible of bikinis, swimwear and revealing lingerie to be worn.

Meticulous attention and discretion is orchestrated by a professional practitioner with sophisticated expertise, and commences with a complimentary Prana signature foot massage to meet all of your expectations!

Prana Brazilian Waxing Discovered

Absolute Safety – the Prana Promise

We use only fresh wax and the safest and purest aftercare lotions available. You may depend on sterile instruments (of course!), fresh 100% pure cotton bed towels and a scrupulously clean environment. Our gentle attention and aftercare advice will leave your body fresh, deliciously smooth, and infinitely touchable!

Promises made and kept are debts paid with honour.