Far Infrared Sauna

Sweat your way to wellness

Untimed Session | $75

If you already love the relaxing warmth of a sauna, you may know that far infrared saunas offer many health benefits beyond the simple bliss of properly warming up on a cold day.

Prana’s far infrared sauna, proudly using the world-class TruInfrared™ technology, offers you an untimed, solo session that gives you all the benefits of far infrared radiation (FIR) without you lifting a finger.

Infrared radiation is the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to the human eye and felt as radiant warmth. It has been used for millennia to relieve maladies and discomforts in the form of traditional saunas that heat the ambient air to provide sustained warmth.

‘Far infrared’ describes the longest-wave region of the infrared spectrum that delivers pure radiant warmth without heating the surrounding air to an uncomfortable temperature.

The benefits of far infrared radiation

FIR can readily penetrate the body to a depth of up to 4cm, and is felt as steady, radiant heat – in other words, it feels amazing, and is profoundly relaxing. On a physical level it:

  • increases blood flow by dilating capillaries – improving circulation and tissue oxygenation and removing toxins
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system by safely increasing heart rate and cardiac output, while decreasing diastolic blood pressure
  • stimulates lymphatic cleansing and detoxification of fats, chemicals and toxins
  • reduces cortisol levels and feelings of stress, and encourages deep relaxation
  • provides natural pain relief and reduces the time taken to heal
  • naturally speeds up metabolism and fortifies cellular function generally.

These physiological benefits can have many flow-on effects, such as:

  • supporting weight loss and decreasing cellulite
  • increased vitality, mood, calmness and vibrancy
  • a bright, glowing complexion and better skin tone
  • less muscular and joint pain
  • more energy and vigour.

Preparing for your far infrared sauna treatment

  • Do not engage in any form of exercise on the day of your sauna session.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal for 2-3 hours before your session.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water before and after your visit and avoid alcohol on the day of your session.
  • Seek your doctor’s advice before using a far infrared sauna if you have a health condition such as high blood pressure or heart problems, or are under medical care.

So come, let your mind wander where it will, meditate, read a book or listen to your favourite music in blissful solitude. Your body will thank you for it on so many levels.

*Prana’s far infrared sauna treatment is not designed to treat any specific medical condition. Information here does not replace the advice of your medical professional.

Rejuvenated inside and out, lighter and de-stressed

Taking an infrared sauna at Prana Ayurvedic Spa was a treat; something to savour not suffer! What sets their spa above the rest is the warm, caring atmosphere and the hospitality of my host, Agnelo! The whole experience was unrushed and personalised and Prana are clearly invested in the client experience. None of my past infrared sauna sessions have come close! As a result, I left feeling rejuvenated inside and out, lighter and de-stressed.

As for the health scare, it turned out to be symptoms of an injury I’d been unaware of and as it happens infrared heat is fantastic at alleviating pain, strains, sprains and muscle spasms. Within a week the healing benefits became clear. Whatever my initial motivation, it brought me to the far infrared sauna at Prana Ayurvedic Spa, where I feel truly cared for. I’m definitely committed to making this a regular event from now on!

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“Safe, caring, professional. That’s our promise.”

– Saroj Velho