A healing experience with far infrared sauna

The Far Infrared Sauna at Prana: A Healing Experience

Think of a sauna and this often conjures up an unattractive image of sweating profusely, struggling to breathe and wishing for the whole thing to be over! The far infrared sauna challenges this image completely. It’s calming. It’s relaxing. It’s comfortable. And offers a healing experience that almost everyone can benefit from. I did. Here’s my story of why I came to Prana and why I recommend their far infrared sauna.

The Motivation

Getting an infrared sauna had been on my to-do-list since May. Almost winter, it felt like the ideal time to seek out the healing warmth of an infrared sauna if only to create the façade of an early summer. As it happened, a health scare was the final decision maker. After a panicked response, I regrouped. In that moment, I was reminded of the exquisite ability of the body and mind, working in collaboration, to profoundly influence the healthy functioning of each human cell.

As someone who takes time out to meditate on occasion and eat organic food, I lean more toward personal responsibility and preventative care rather than an over reliance on mainstream medicine to pick up the broken pieces. I was already aware of the abundant benefits of far infrared saunas and had used them in the past. Releasing toxins and trace metals, improving immune function and increasing circulation and nutrient delivery within the body, while promoting deep relaxation are some to name a few. Inspired, I picked up the phone to book a far infrared sauna session at Prana.

The Healing Experience 

I was greeted by Agnelo who welcomed me into a calming and beautifully designed setting. Agnelo is the concierge and knows how to connect with his clients and make them feel at ease. Given the reason for my visit, I felt fairly stressed out and a kind and heartfelt welcome made all the difference. There was a plush sofa, a video playing and the offer of a glass of warm, soothing water. Agnelo took care to talk me through the process to make sure I achieved optimum results. I felt safe and in the best of hands. 

The sauna session itself was like a warm and gentle embrace; an experience similar to sitting on the beach on a sunny day. With a far infrared sauna there are no uncomfortable, claustrophobic feelings usually associated with a traditional sauna. The infrared light technology generates heat warming the body directly and creates a deeper sweat at a lower ambient air temperature. For me, most of the sweating occurred once the sauna had automatically switched off – at the 30-minute mark. Sitting in this residual heat was vital. As the sauna continued its magic, I could really feel the gratitude oozing from every cell of my body! 

A welcome surprise was a noticeable increase in mental clarity. I had a moment of creativity and insight that may not have come up in another time and place. The beauty of a sauna is that it offers valuable time for reflection and sitting alone in the cabin gives you a sense of the world standing still. It’s also super relaxing, super cleansing and super therapeutic. 

The Outcome

My experience in the infrared sauna at Prana was a treat; something to be savoured not suffered. What sets taking an infrared sauna session at Prana above the rest is the hospitable nature of my host and his conscientious approach to the therapy. He is knowledgeable, helpful and clearly invested in the client experience. It was unrushed and personalised. None of my previous experiences with infrared sauna sessions have come close. 

As for the health scare, thankfully it turned out to be symptoms of an injury I had been unaware of. It turns out infrared heat is fantastic at alleviating pain, strains, sprains and muscle spasms. Within a week the healing benefits became evident.

Whatever my initial motivation, it had brought me to the far infrared sauna at Prana. As a result, I left feeling rejuvenated inside and out, lighter and destressed. At Prana, I felt truly cared for and I’ll be making this a regular event from now on.

– By Nicolette Panther

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