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Ayurvedic Massage

Restoring balance to body and spirit

Welcome to our world, an unapologetically indulgent celebration of the senses! Experience the therapeutic touch of Ayurvedic massage treatments, each of which begins with a ‘Puja’ (a prayer and a daily blessing in many parts of India which honours life and offers solace for the things which occasionally trouble us… the people or things we grieve over, worry about or are saddened by).

Ayurvedic Massage is an artform – some would say ‘a recuperative’ since many of our clients fall asleep, invariably rousing to ring the little bell… we are summoned! Now is the time for a final wipe down to remove excess herbal oils and importantly ensure that they are warm, refreshed, restored in body and spirit and ready to return to the outside world.

Prana Jivaniya

Sanskrit: invigorate
90 minutes $215

Awaken body and mind with Jivaniya! Vigorous massage movements stimulate the energy centres of the whole body before we apply a gently warmed infusion of therapeutic oils and herbs to banish aches and pains, tiredness, lethargy and stress; leaving you bursting with vitality and ready for life.

Prana Mani

Sanskrit: jewel
60 minutes $140

Prana Mani is our tiny jewel, a touch of Jivaniya’s luxury when you need a fresh burst of energy and wellbeing for that all important event!

Forget your worries and free your mind… this wonderful Ayurvedic treatment uses a unique herb based oil (known for its anti-inflammatory quality) which is massaged onto your back, neck and shoulders; easing tension and resulting in instant mental and physical relaxation.

Prana Champissage

Hindi: head massage
35 minutes $95
60 minutes $155

The outside world recedes as you experience the rhythmic flow of movements which release a tenseness you had perhaps become accustomed to. Everyday stress fades away as we massage the head, face, neck, upper back and shoulders in circular motions to restore the body’s natural balance.

Indian Head Massage, or Champissage as it is known in India, is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy based on a timeless knowledge: that our happy progress in life is deeply connected to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Experience Prana’s authentic Indian head massage and all it offers…

Prana Padabhyanga

Hindi: foot massage
35 minutes $85

An Indian Ayurvedic healthcare modality and restorative foot massage which is not simply a modern-day indulgence but a therapeutic treatment steeped in history and deeply connected with the health and recuperative properties of your body as a whole. It is an ancient ritual…

Prana Limf Ka

Hindi: Lymphatic
90 minutes $215

Most prized of all… Prana Limf Ka, our Ayruvedic cleansing procedure, assists the lymphatic system to eliminate ama (digestive toxins) whilst increasing the body’s own natural detoxification process.

Combining subtle pressure and rhythmic progressive strokes in the direction of the heart and lymph nodes, this massage unblocks slow lymphatic systems. This profoundly relaxing massage often improves; physical/mental lethargy, blood circulation, and aids in reducing weight and water retention.

Prana Ubtan

Hindi: body scrub
Scrub only – 60 minutes $175

Designed for bliss, Prana Ubtan is the ultimate Ayurvedic body brushing treatment to achieve a state of incomparably smooth and silky skin purification and renewal.

Formulated with all natural exfoliating granules, our signature scrub nourishes the skin to ensure sensational hydration making it soft and supple. Ayurveda’s deep-cleansing philosophy has long promoted body exfoliation to remove dead cells and stimulate the skin, freeing it from minor blemishes and aiding in a reduction of cellulite.

Scrub and massage – 120 minutes $295

Enhance your experience by indulging in harmony and deep relaxation with a relaxing massage. Our striking combination of thorough exfoliation and Ayurvedic massage techniques, gives you a deep sense of peace and calm as you drift off into paradise.

The perfect gift

Prana Maharani

Sanskrit: the queen
120 minutes $260

The ultimate ritual of indulgence, Prana’s Maharani massage treatment rebalances the vital energy points in the body, breathing life and vitality into the mind, body and spirit. Relinquish all stress as we gently anoint the feet with warmed rose water and freshly picked fragrant flowers… a full body marma point massage awaits, using our purest Ayurvedic oils. Blocked energy is released as warm tridoshic oil is applied slowly over the forehead, stimulating your third eye chakra and soothing the nerves. Your treatment ends with Omshiro, a head massage ritual, leaving you feeling balanced and refreshed at every level.

Prana Sariri

Sanskrit: dweller in the body
60 minutes $155

There is no one more honoured and respected… you who patiently await the miracle of creating new life, and you for whom the wonder of birth can hardly be expressed. Now is your time! Prana Sariri is a gentle, protective and restorative massage for all mothers, pre and post natal…



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