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Indian Head Massage for men; treatments for the stressed career man.

Indian Head Massage Foundation Course

Indian head massage, otherwise known as Champissage, is a holistic treatment for the purpose of manipulating energy channels by massaging the head, neck and upper body. It is surmised that when energy is blocked from flowing properly, negative forces accumulate to cause common ailments such as; blocked sinuses, stress, hair loss and other aches and pains. Champissage, with its rhythmic cadence of movements, relieves and clears these blockages while re-stimulating energy flow.

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to learn, practice and experience Champissage, through one-on-one training in our premier spa. With detailed instructions and hands on demonstrations for each stage, you will learn and acquire new massage and therapy skills… Saroj

Who Can Apply? Everyone!

Are you a carer, partner, hairdresser, student or newly qualified therapist, massage enthusiast or devotee? Then this training will appeal to you to increase your own personal and or professional growth and knowledge. There are no formal entry or participation requirements however, an initial familiarity and understanding of massage techniques is recommended.


Important Information

To gain confidence and practice your skills, a friend to accompany you is especially valuable. If you can’t arrange someone for the 4 hour session on the day, please notify us and we will try to arrange a volunteer for you.

Prior to Head Massage Training (for yourself and your volunteer)

  • Refrain from drinking any caffeinated drinks prior to the course.
  • Ensure that your hair is dry and it is preferable that your hair is unwashed the day before.
  • If you prefer to remain clothed during your massage, please ‘just a singlet’ to enable easier access to massage the upper back, shoulder and décolletage areas.
  • Only a ‘light meal’ is recommended beforehand.


  • We begin with a 30 minute head massage. Your own lived experience is paramount here, you will transcend theory and actually put yourself ‘in your client’s shoes’.
  • The initial consultation process: care and individuality, not ‘out of the box’ treatments.
  • Assessing the contraindications.
  • Indian head massage techniques.
  • Aftercare.


Prana is located at 22 MOREAU MEWS, APPLECROSS WA 6153 (15 minutes from Perth CBD). For your convenience, we have free on-site parking.


For our Indian Head Massage training, please allow 4 hours.

Class Composition

Prana Courses are a ONE-ON-ONE experience. This is because we do not believe that being part of a group or class with varying experience addresses your needs. Therefore, Prana Courses are an opportunity to interact directly with Saroj, our principal practitioner therapist, according to your own abilities and experience.

Cost: $395

This includes:

  • A four hour initial training session.
  • A professional training reference manual.
  • Certification upon successful completion of the training.
  • Access to online, ongoing student support and…
  • A further 30 to 45 minute refresher (to be undertaken within 3 months of your original session).

We accept cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or payment by direct deposit.

How To Book

Our training, like our treatments, is tailored individually to suit you by fitting around your work, study or family responsibilities. Contact us 0449 592 728 to arrange a day and time that suits you (rather like a normal booking).

More Courses

We are frequently asked “Do you provide other training?” The short answer is YES! We are dedicated Ayurvedic practitioners and trainers by our nature and philosophical beliefs of being ‘in service’. Again, just contact us 0449 592 728 to enquire about our other Ayurvedic foundation training.


Experience is never finite, always gathered, honed and perfected. Like you, I am a student of life – willing to share my knowledge but also, always learning… Saroj



Helen DougillSaroj and Agnelo, I just wanted to email my feedback from my indian head massage course 🙂 From the moment I walked into Prana I felt very welcomed and comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed my Indian head massage course and learning not only the techniques but the spiritual side of things too. Saroj was 100% the right person for me to learn from for the way that I would like to run my business. Not just another beauty salon, but a place to experience healing, relaxation and comfort from the inside out. A true professional at what she does, Saroj has a peaceful and comforting energy about her which made it very easy for me to relax and take on board all of her advice. Thanks again for taking the time to train me in this amazing massage, I would not be able to do it without you! P.S Thanks Agnelo for your kind words at the end, you are very encouraging!

Dear Helen
Agnelo would want me to thank you for your kind words I know, so do feel free to contact him, anytime. For myself, I must tell you that it was an added pleasure to share time with a person who sees and understands the very special nature of ‘soft’ skills (these set you apart of course, but go so far beyond being merely capable and efficient). You Helen, have recognised the difference: being truly, deeply, in-service to your clients. I am grateful to have played my part in this and wish you all the best. Saroj.

Karen, Rosemoon SpaSaroj is a wonderfully warm and caring human being who sees the big picture. I was very privileged to spend some time with Saroj this year while she taught me the art of Champissage – traditional Indian Head Massage. She delivers her training with the greatest respect and integrity and offers loads of support during and after the training. I feel very blessed to have connected with such a wonderful healer and teacher. Thank you Saroj.
Karen at Rosemoon Spa

Karen thank you so much! I too am blessed to have had the opportunity to meet a most insightful health and beauty practitioner… you grasped the range of movements as well as the primary intent of Champissage very quickly. I hope you continue to practice this most rewarding of art-forms successfully at Rosemoon Spa. You will bring the benefits of Indian Head Massage to a much wider (and very appreciative) audience.

Charlotte ManningHi Saroj. I would like to attend an Indian Massage course with Prana. Does attendance automatically grant me certification, and if not, what happens then? Do I have to pay to take the course again? Many thanks, Charlotte (Charlie) Manning.

Charlotte certification is based on my professional assessment of a student’s practical and personal skills… it certainly isn’t automatic, because that would not serve you (or your clients) well. However, should you fail, I will identify the areas you need to brush up on and advise you to return after you’ve had time to practice or fine-tune them. When you are ready to take the test again, I will allot you another 45 minutes (Free of Charge). Come Charlie, test yourself! Saroj x

participant-alyssaHi Saroj. Thanks so much for your Indian Head Massage course… it has broadened my understanding of the ayurvedic principles so much and I now see that what I offer is so much more than physical healing. Thank you so much, Alyssa.

Alyssa, thank you. If I have passed on something elemental (almost spiritual) I am so pleased and I wish you every success! Do please keep in touch with me… we each are students of life, and learn from each other. Warmly, Saroj.

participant-pippaDear Saroj, you are a respected beautician and very much loved so I hope you’ll forgive me for asking: how can Prana Course students possibly learn Indian Head Massage techniques in 3 hours? Surely there is more we as students need to know, understand, practice and perfect? Kind regards, Pippa.

Indeed Pippa, there is much to learn. Can one pass on the skills of a lifetime in 3 hours? No. But I urge you (as I do all students) to remember that “repetition is the mother of skill” and that practice, practice, practice is our foundation. Pippa we are all students of life. I urge you to begin your journey. It can only lead to more opportunity… Saroj.