Belief in ‘self’ and our face to the world

Our faces are the most exposed area of our body to dust and accumulated dirt, and are literally, our face to the world. Increasingly more important, is understanding that taking care of our facial skin, encompassing inner wellness and nutrition, equates to a healthier, beautiful skin throughout life.

And since we are all unique; age, genetic disposition, gender, skin condition and many other factors; it makes sense to realise that no over-the-counter product can equal the careful administrations of our highly qualified therapist.

Here you will find the various treatments (steam, exfoliation, extraction, peels and more) which give your face the “Spring Clean” it so richly deserves! Don’t be daunted by the choices! You are in caring and professional hands, and we ALWAYS conduct an in-depth skin analysis before selecting the skin treatment that is exactly right for you and you alone!

Beauty treatments are an endorsement of belief in self. That is the Prana experience, and it is just as it should be.

Let’s begin…

“There are no secrets in nature. All is there, just waiting for the eyes and mind to see.”

– Saroj Velho