Facial Threading: FAQ’s

Threading has ancient origins believed to be up to 6,000 years old but has now become one of the most popular methods of organic hair removal in our Western world.

The art of facial threading was once most closely associated with marking a women’s rite of passage to adulthood, virility and marriage ceremonies. Today, we celebrate the sheer luxury of defining, fine-tuning and polishing ‘our face to the world’; regardless of where we live.

Threading, tweezing, waxing… what’s the difference?

Good question! To begin with, in the hands of a professional, threading is a rapid and very precise way of removing hair, particularly from the face. The principal advantage of threading is that it is so gentle on the skin. Unlike waxing or tweezing, the only thing that comes into contact with your skin is 100% antibacterial cotton thread.

What areas of the face is threading suitable for?

The face is the most popular region for hair removal and this gentle practice is particularly well suited to the eyebrow area. But to answer your question, threading can be applied anywhere there is untidy or excess facial hair… around the lips, chin, neck, bridge of the nose and the sides of the face – for men as well as women.

Can and do men benefit from threading?

Yes! Discerning men benefit from grooming maintenance of their facial features as much as women do. Men often prefer threading when shaping their brow line to provide more symmetry, an even depth of hair or clearly divided eyebrows. 

How is it performed?

This is the beauty of threading! The only equipment used in threading is a length of antibacterial 100% cotton thread. The thread is tied into a loop and then twisted numerous times. The (skilled) manipulation of these twists by a professional practitioner across the surface of the face is the key feature… looped thread is rolled across the skin to capture individual strands of hair and gently lift each one from its follicle.

Will I feel it?

Threading is far less intensive and non-abrasive than other forms of hair removal as the skin is not being pulled or strained. It is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin as only the hair is being gently removed. 

How long does it last for?

Because professional threading removes the entire hair (even shorter, partly grown follicles, unlike tweezing) its results are particularly long lasting. You will appear ‘hair free’ for between 4 to 6 weeks.

Is threading safe?

Absolutely. Threading is one of the safest methods of hair removal because it only uses 100% antibacterial cotton thread – no chemicals, no risk of adverse reaction. Threading is also very gentle, unlike tweezing or waxing for example. Threading is also a very hygienic practice… a new length of thread is used for each client, preventing the risk of any type of cross contamination.

Threading is an art form we’ve perfected

History, a long-practised technique and precise attention to detail guides us. For the western world, it’s the modern, organic way to remove hair and shape the natural contours of the face. If you are yet to try threading; contact us. You are in safe hands…