The Manzilian

Fulfilling the aesthetic value of clean lines and smoother skin

Once the domain of women only, these days many men are choosing to sanction the removal of hair from their lower body regions. Whether contemplating a mankini wax to remove the hair surrounding the underwear line, or a full manzilian, (inspired by the traditional Brazilian) seeking a professional is essential.

For men, feeling the desire to sanitize an area that is sweat sensitive, shaving is a very quick solution. However, it does increase the risk of irritating in-grown hairs, not to mention those unsightly red pimples. Furthermore, shaving removes the top part of the hair so when it starts to grow back, it appears thicker and more unsightly. With a waxing treatment the hair grows back finer leaving you hair-free for longer.

As always, meticulous attention and discretion is orchestrated by our professional practitioner with sophisticated expertise, and commences with a complimentary Prana signature foot massage to meet all of your expectations!

Absolute Safety – the Prana Promise

Prana uses only fresh wax and the safest and purest aftercare lotions available. You may depend on sterile instruments (of course!), fresh 100% pure cotton bed towels and a scrupulously clean environment. Our gentle attention and aftercare advice will leave your body fresh, aesthetically pleasing and infinitely smooth!