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Brazilian waxing: pregnancy, birth and so much more

brazilian waxing & pregnancy

Brazilian waxing & pregnancy…

I was in late term pregnancy and considering having a Brazilian Wax for the first time ever. Why? Had I lost my senses – was I in the grip of hormonal madness or (worse still) persuaded by a new fashion trend?

First, I checked with my Obstetrician. I was embarrassed, but he didn’t even raise an eyebrow. Reassuringly, he told me it was a perfectly safe procedure if undertaken with a reputable salon – it made post-natal bleeding much easier to manage. We also discussed the hormonal impacts that pregnancy has on hair growth in general and everything seemed to fall into place.

Do your homework

Even so, I’d read a lot of horror stories online… but what I found backed up his advice: trust salons with qualified and experienced therapists, a devoted client-base, and a personal approach. Do your homework and approach this from a client perspective. Read the reviews and feedback. Before long you will have a firm sense of who you’re dealing with.

Reputation cannot be fudged

I took his advice seriously and ‘did my homework’. And, it wasn’t long before Prana stood out (in today’s ‘connected’ world no bad operator lasts long). But one question remained: was I brave enough? The thought of having a brazilian a week or so before the birth date still seemed daring:-)

Fortunately, the rest is history. I gave birth to a healthy and adorable boy and whilst he has changed our lives forever in a good way my Brazilian adventure continues…

Siganture Saroj

Saroj Velho
BA (Hons.) Psychology: University of Delhi
Dip. Beauty Therapy: Australasian Academy of Wellness Therapies
Full Professional Member: Assoc. Professional Aestheticians Australia