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facial treatments: belief in ‘self’ and our face to the world

Here you will find the various treatments (steam, exfoliation, extraction, peels and more) which give your face the “Spring Clean” it so richly deserves! After all, our faces are the most exposed area of our body to dust and accumulated dirt and are, literally, our face to the world. And since we are all unique – different in age, genetic disposition, gender and skin condition and many other factors; it makes sense to realise that no over-the-counter product can equal the careful administrations of a qualified therapist. Don’t be daunted by the choices below! You are in caring and professional hands, and as a matter of course we always conduct an indepth skin analysis before selecting the skin treatment that is EXACTLY RIGHT FOR YOU and you alone. Beauty treatments are an endorsement of belief in self. That is the Prana experience, and it is just as it should be.
Let’s begin…


When our imperfections disappear it is both a visible and deeply emotional experience. Nature has so much to offer and it gifts us a lifetime of replenishment if we put our trust in it…

prana vayul

Sanskrit: breathing
60 minutes$130

Prana Vayul is a wonderful four-step salon treatment that breathes life into the ageing process, balancing nutrients and stimulating cellular rejuvenation. Simply put, your cells function more effectively and you will look and feel more supple immediately after treatment! A must-have if your skin is acne-prone, problematic generally and especially beneficial if you work in dusty environments or enjoy your cigarettes.

prana yuva

Hindi: youthful
90 minutes$190

The ultimate in skin rejuvenation. We begin with your choice of microdermabrasion or botanical peel treatments, for deep exfoliation and cellular regeneration and follow with an intense infusion of vitamins to strengthen and revitalise the skin. Simply put, Yuva gifts your complexion with youthfulness and radiance!

prana prerit karna

Hindi: to stimulate
90 minutes$205

A visually satisfying and non-invasive face-lift, Prerit Karna uses light, heat and energy to stimulate new collagen for a more youthful appearance. We do recommend a course of treatments for best results.

facial extractions

As an adjunct to your facial $25

Facial extractions safely and gently remove blackheads and whiteheads. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated beforehand to help soften up the plug of hardened sebum that lies just under the surface.

prana botanical peels

90 minutes $155

Inherently regenerative, our botanical peels create the environment for skin that looks and feels wonderful! Visible signs of fatigue disappear, revealing a perfectly intact layer of finely textured skin.

Papaya: One of our most sought after peels, Papaya treats pigmented and dehydrated skin, enlarged pores and relaxed elasticity.
Zesty Orange Gold: Our hero treatment for ageing skin. Packed with antioxidants and anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
Pumpkin: Choose Pumpkin if you have sensitive, oily, combination and acne prone skin.
Cherry Berry: Cherries… delicious to eat and richly therapeutic too with antioxidants which stimulate cell production and nourish sunexposed skin.
Mango: Aromatic and mild, Mango has long been known to enhance the immune system while it smooths and replenishes sensitive, dehydrated skins.
Rhubarb: Packed with vitamins to improve skin texture if you suffer from acne scarring, uneven pigmentation, fine lines or wrinkles.

cabernet peel

90 minutes $300
Ah, Cabernet, what’s not to adore about this richly nutritious new peel? We are delighted to offer our new red wine extract peel treatment which removes superfluous skin cells, improves barrier function and returns skin to its naturally moist, firm and smooth state – just like a freshly plucked, sumptuous grape.

With Prana’s Cabernet peel, you’ll experience a light peeling within 2-3 days after treatment because unlike some peels our red wine solution contains no chemicals. That’s good news especially for the treatment of sun-damaged skin as well as ageing skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles – dry, scarred, uneven and hyper-pigmented and acne prone skins.

Naturally, before and post peel advice is all part of the Prana commitment. So relax, and enjoy a truly ground-breaking peel treatment… as always, you are in safe hands.

The story behind the goodness of Cabernet Peels

Skin Needling – You’ll Love The Results

world class microdermabrasion

In almost any salon in the world you will find microdermabrasion offered as a non-invasive exfoliation treatment which removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells on the face, chest, neck or elsewhere on the body. It is a pain-free non-surgical treatment designed to alleviate many skin conditions, leaving you with a clean, fresh skin tone. In effect, just as the ancient Egyptians did, so we do: ‘stripping the leaves’ to reveal the unblemished portrait Nature gave you…

90 minutes$155

Face, neck & decolletage
120 minutes $205

Your face to the world…

pranavedic facials

90 minutes $195

Proudly, that which we are known for: natural ingredients, lightness of touch and time-honoured massage techniques to soothe away tension and energise the three higher Chakras: crown, third eye and throat. Pranavedic Facials treat all skin types, concerns and ages… from acne-troubled young women to those of us with sun-damaged, dehydrated or crepey skin. The most sensitive of skin conditions (including rosacea) all benefit from fresh rose water, sandalwood, tumeric and other magical ingredients to hydrate and brighten the skin surface. As you’d expect, we always advise the most effective treatment for you…

Diamond: This non-surgical peel treatment uses diamond ‘ash’, essential oils and natural ingredients to exfoliate and restore a youthful glow to ageing or damaged, sensitive skin.
Depigmentation: Here, we remove the unsightly pigmentation, blotchy or uneven skin tone which can result from sun-burn, hormonal changes or other skin damage.
Ultimate Hydration: As it suggests, this treatment richly hydrates dried, crepey, wind-damaged skin and restores youthful resilience.

The perfect gift

prana gold facial

90 minutes $190

Our signature Gold Facial treatment will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother and clearer than you can ever remember! Designed for mature, dull and drying skins, it is a beauty offering like no other using a combination of organic herbs and pure 24 carat gold leaf that melts into the skin to leave it with a new found radiance, intensely hydrated, richly smooth and silky soft. Not only an effective anti ageing treatment but also a supremely relaxing facial that gives genuine meaning to Ayurvedic care.

yoga facials

90 minutes$190

Indulge your inner child while we give your face and neck muscles a fun workout! Relax as we gently massage the stress away with totally organic anti-ageing lotions which care for, nurture, and safely promote your body’s ability to regenerate; just as Mother Nature intended! Yoga facials reduce stress and anxiety, especially if you suffer from tension related headaches. They also increase the skin’s strength, flexibility and youthfulness well into old age (proving the old adage “use it or lose it”). No Yoga facial goes without laughter: a natural painkiller which increases endorphin production and gives you an instant (all natural) sense of wellbeing. As an added bonus, facial exercises release the tightness we may not have noticed in our facial expressions.

Elizabeth Rose Wowie! I just had the most delightful facial by an absolutely beautiful and gracious Indian woman named Saroj. Using organic Ayurvedic products, Saroj gave me her special ‘yoga’ facial. It started with 5mins of some very funny facial exercises to tighten the muscles around my neck, jaw, cheekbones, eyes and forehead. Then 90mins of pure relaxation followed as Saroj cleansed, exfoliated, moisturised and massaged my face, neck, shoulders and feet. She also put an amazing clay like mask on over the gorgeous lotus and mango butter, to enable it to deeply penetrate my skin. Divine! Prana Beauty gets the big thumbs up! Do check out all her gorgeous treatments (I’m definitely going back for one of her massage treatments!) and look out for our lovely interview on my blog at Life With Elizabeth Rose

"there is salon magic. and then there is the magic of you, just the way you are"