beautiful hair

Beautiful Hair

Beautiful Hair: a life giving experience

Hair, according to Ayurveda, is considered a vital tissue closely linked to both bone marrow and the central nervous system.

The application of Ayurvedic herbs and oil treatments not only produces healthy hair but according to this ancient system of medicine, act to harness the subtle energies of the body, control the senses and prepare the mind for meditation. Thus, we nurture and protect the underlying health of your body as we restore natural beauty and lustre to your crowning glory!

Saroj, I’ve spent untold $$$ on chemical hair treatments: colours, streaks, perms (the whole enchilada); all poisonous not only to my hair but what I now know was leaching into my skin. So Saroj I now get it: Prana’s Ayurvedic hair treatments restore the natural health and vitality to what you rightly call our ‘crowning glory’. My hair now shines with health – regularly bathed in herbal oils to maintain its resistance to our harsh climate (indoors and out). Thanks so much… you taught me how to treat my hair in the same way I treat my skin – with respect.

Mia. January 2018

Pranashira and Prana Madhur: treatments with our promise to restore the crowning beauty that is you

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Author: Saroj Velho

  • BA (Hons.) Psychology: University of Delhi
  • Dip. Beauty Therapy: Australasian Academy of Wellness Therapies
  • Full Professional Member: Assoc. Professional Aestheticians Australia

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