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Spray Tans – extraordinary takes a little longer

spray tans for those special events

Quality Spray Tans

You know, there is nothing like a big event (especially when the weather turns cool) to bring out the spray tan treatment! The much anticipated wedding event, the Winter balls, end-of-term celebrations or a special trip planned… all of these and more are occasions to ‘frock up’!

And, looking as if you’ve just spent the summer months on a beach somewhere doesn’t just happen. It takes careful planning; and yes – you will find salons who will spray tan you in just 10 or 15 minutes. At Prana, we take longer – and for good reason:

Take a closer look at our happy picture above

At first glance, all of these young women have light skin and hair tones. But not so! All but one of them is blonde. Each of them has a different skin tone, eye and hair colour. Not all of them are the same age. The bride is wearing white, not ecru. Each of them will respond differently to tanning.

One size never fits all

Indeed! THIS is why at Prana we make sure that we do our homework and consult with each client according to their individual characteristics. In this way we asses the depth, colour/shade of the tan required, as well as other factors such as event timelines etc. (when the wedding is due to take place for instance). No one wants an unflattering ‘fake’ tan on those precious, unrepeatable pictures!

Every part of the exposed body must be sprayed properly; with timelines, individual characteristics such as hair colour, makeup, dress design all taken into consideration and discussed. We have one chance to get this right – and no amount of time assuring this is wasted.

That is the very minimum standard Prana sets itself because – in our experience – time spent diligently is never wasted. In our world, standards can never be fudged. We take longer because we care. Read more about our spray tans.

Siganture Saroj

Saroj Velho
BA (Hons.) Psychology: University of Delhi
Dip. Beauty Therapy: Australasian Academy of Wellness Therapies
Full Professional Member: Assoc. Professional Aestheticians Australia