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Optimal Breathing for Optimum Wellbeing

optimal breathing for optimal wellbeing

As we all know, the key to enduring health and fitness is EXERCISE. Combined with OPTIMAL BREATHING, it is the blueprint for the following lifelong rewards:

Weight Management

Deep, concentrated breathing optimises the intake of oxygen, a highly flammable substance that elevates your metabolism. The more oxygen you have in your bloodstream the faster your metabolism will be to burn excess calories and reduce body fat.

Increasing Overall Fitness

Learning to breathe properly expands your lung capacity, allowing air (oxygen) to flow more efficiently; resulting in better performance during exercise or other physical activity.

Detoxification of the Bloodstream

Oxygen helps to speed up the process of purification of our bloodstream by flushing out toxins and other impurities through sweat.

De-stressing the System

Controlled breathing not only keeps the body’s vital organs functioning at their best, it also promotes feelings of calm and relaxation and helps us de-stress.

As we master rhythmic breathing during exercise, we begin to engage in a form of ‘meditation in motion’: quietly contemplative, purposeful and focused activity. Exercise is no longer a chore or a means to an end but one of life’s pleasures – the mind and body now working in perfect harmony.

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