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Advanced IPL Hair Removal


In most western cultures, unwanted hair is seen as unattractive for both men and women on certain areas of the body such as armpits, legs, around the pubic area, back, stomach and chest (as well as on the face). Old methods of hair removal (mainly shaving and/or plucking) is not only imprecise, impermanent and time consuming but often has troublesome side effects such as ingrown hair, inflammation, spots and other skin irritations. Waxing (still impermanent but more precise and longer lasting under salon conditions) was our ‘go to’ treatment. UNTIL NOW.

Introducing Super Hair Removal: the proven technology of advanced IPL treatments

The good news is that the latest German IPL technology offers us SHR (Super Hair Removal): the world’s most advanced method for permanent hair removal.
Clinical tests have shown that overwhelmingly there is a much superior outcome when you choose IPL over traditional hair removal treatments. And whilst follicle growth and development varies from individual to individual, treatments set at 4 – 6 week intervals generally achieve permanent hair removal. Of course, we will advise you.

How long do treatment sessions normally take?

Treatment times depend on the area being treated, any hormonal imbalance and your skin and hair colour.

Will I experience any pain?

It is not a painful treatment, but you will experience a warm tingle. There will be a flash of bright light while you experience a sensation of prickling heat similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin in the areas of hair growth or pigmented lesions. This sensation is very short, and each treatment is completed with the application of soothing lotion.

Does the treated area require any particular after-care protocols be followed?

– If the area becomes dry or itchy, apply Vitamin E cream or soothing lotion with mango or aloe vera throughout the day, for 2 days after the treatment.
– Keep your skin well hydrated and moisturise daily.
– Pat dry after showering. Do not use a loofah on treated areas for 1 week after treatment.
– Pigmented lesions normally dry out, form a scab and fall off, so do not prick or rub at the treated areas.
– It is imperative that you wear sun-block on all treated areas outside during your IPL treatments.
– Avoid tanning booths and self-tanning lotions.
– Do not use Roasccutane, Retinol or Retin-A products whilst undergoing a course of treatments.

As always, it is a matter of personal consultation. So do please seek my advice prior to booking. I am delighted to offer you this ground-breaking treatment. ♥ Saroj

Want to know more? Super Hair Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

All IPL treatments include a complimentary foot massage before we begin. Enjoy!

Chin $45
Upper Lip $35
Facial Sides $70
Full Face $135
All Round Bikini $95
Beach Bikini $120
Brazilian $155
Under Arms $70
Upper Half Leg $215
Lower Half Leg $185
Full Leg $265
Half Arms $125
Full Arms $185
Acuminate Region $40

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