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Personal Trainer Applecross – A Promise to Help You

We our very proud to offer the services of our own personal trainer… Agnelo Velho.

Agnelo has over 25 years experience including running a highly successful gym in central London. He approaches fitness on all levels to ensure lasting well-being and happiness.

Agnelo says….

I CAN and WILL help you, and all I ask in return is your willingness to give it your best shot… to listen and absorb what it is you need to learn about exercise, rest, nutrition, and focus (the mind engaged, undistracted).

I’ll watch diligently as you develop the skills you need, and I will be unreservedly at your side for as long as it takes.

Total Health and Fitness Agnelo

You will be the YOU that was always beautiful, strong and healthy, underneath. And when you don’t need me anymore – when you have created an enduring foundation for beauty – that will be as it should be.

Personal Trainer Applecross

If you are interested in reaching your optimal level of performance both physically and mentally, please read more here >>> personal training or call Prana on 9316 1553.

You’ll be glad you did!