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Stressed? Exercise is your secret weapon.

Stressed man who needs exercise

As a personal trainer, I see the various symptoms of stress on an almost daily basis. Stress certainly doesn’t respect gender, ethnicity, education or socio-economic boundaries…

Whoever we are, whatever our lifestyle, workload, family commitments or personal situation; at some point we can all feel its sting. Left uncontrolled, we experience a range of possible side affects, some more debilitating than others but all emotionally draining: anxiety, depression, social isolation, decreased libido, high blood pressure, alcoholism, hair loss, lethargy (or its opposite, hyper activity), weight gain or loss, recurring skin conditions and so we’re told, cancer…

Is stress always a bad thing?

Not really. Stress serves us well when we need that extra burst of adrenalin to deal with an extraordinary event (think sea rescues, road accidents or bushfires).

The connection between exercise and stress

For those of us in the profession who are serious about wellbeing, fitness and longevity, the connection made by the UK Dept. of Health is a long overdue confirmation of our experience on the ground: that stress is linked to many physical conditions and that just 150 minutes of moderate activity per week (brisk walking, washing windows, vacuuming and mopping, mowing the lawn, cycling or badminton) is not only a significant factor in the control and treatment of cancer but significant to overall wellbeing and longevity itself.

Look at it this way…

Even a fifteen minute walk, as long as you make a habit of it, will reward you. You’ll decrease stress hormones and release the body’s natural feel-good chemicals; endorphins (the hormones produced by the pituitary gland that create a sense of wellbeing and happiness). Keep this up and you’ll sleep like a baby and wake up wondering why you ever settled for less…

The important thing to remember is that as long as you are moving and breathing rhythmically and not exhausting yourself, you are on the right track. It is a process, not a sprint to the line!

Agnelo, Personal Trainer.
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