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Beer anyone? Pizza with that? You can enjoy the Perth Lifestyle…

food: going with the flow

Life is abundant, and there is room for beer, pizza, and chocolate too! Why? Because no one, especially the diet industry, will tell you that diets cannot change your natural disposition for certain foods; nor that diets can be sustained for long.

And the fitness industry, knowing that, will tell you to work and sweat your way to health…

Listen to them both and you will be on an endless and fruitless cycle.

I want to tell you to listen to your body – because food and exercise are integral to lowering unhealthy fat and increasing energy levels, mental acuity, strength and cardiovascular health.

Listen, because your body is telling you what it needs…

Here are some guidelines you may find useful:

1. Firstly, you will always crave certain foods. I do (it’s largely genetic). Don’t fight it. Go with it and adjust the amount, and/or the frequency.
2. Life’s too short. Don’t waste your time with diets, which have a rebound affect. Eventually, your genetic disposition for certain foods returns and you are back to square one.
3. A steady exercise program, with a well planned approach, allows you to enjoy the foods you love; in moderation.
4. Don’t just eat food for your body’s needs, try to include brain foods to enhance mental capacity.

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