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Hello Spring… what took you so long?

SeedlingSpring is the time we fling open the windows and allow fresh air and a little elbow grease to work their magic on our home. The effort is really worth it – everything looks, feels and smells so fresh.

But why should this wonderful ritual be confined to our home? You know, biologically, nature supports the cleansing of the body after winter’s hibernation; the heavy food, the comfort of a more sedentary lifestyle combined with a lack of sunshine.

Eventually, we must rouse ourselves lest we become sluggish, unwell and of course, overweight. Our skins suffer too… rather like a layer of dust on a favourite chair which (if we neglect it long enough) dulls the colours and clogs the fabric. It’s been a slow start to Spring this year, but at last the warm days have arrived and I am re energised…

Let’s see now, where to begin?

Spring-300x300If you are like me, a few extra kilos have crept on over winter (darn it!). But here’s the thing… the first point of attack in any weight loss program is to cleanse the body. This is because cleansing sheds the accumulation of ‘all the usual suspects’: processed foods, air-borne pollutants, chemicals, alcohol, everyday stress – all of which have created a disturbance in the normal metabolic process.

End result: weight gain, and a lethargy that makes everything seem just that much harder. So I’ll start out gently and safely with a mild fasting regime, say one day a month for 24 hours in that day. And I’ll drink plenty of water (about 600ml every hour during the day). You may have tried fasting yourself… if you have you’ll know how well you feel as a result. If you haven’t tried it before, 24 hours is a safe place to start. Join me! We can do it!

Give your cleanse a boost with an Infrared Sauna session

There are so many benefits to Infrared Saunas I’d like to tell you about but detoxification is the hero here – the one thing that will boost your efforts and help shed a few winter kilos, have a healthier more radiant complexion, reduce cellulite, relieve muscle pain and fatigue and just generally ‘clear the decks’. Here’s a link to our page below, for your interest…

Get into Spring and Replenish your Body with Infrared Sauna

I hope I’ve helped. Until next time… Saroj. October 2013