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What’s My Ideal Weight and How is it Calculated?

Ideal WeightContrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as an ideal weight!

You’ve probably been told that for your height, age and build you ought to weigh this or that number of kilos; right?

Throw away your scales. Yes, you read that right! Those tricky little numbers can’t tell you how much fat, how much water or how much muscle you’re carrying on any given day – so they can’t possibly tell you how ‘ideal’ your weight is.

You’re serious? Throw away my scales?

Yes! And I’ll go further: the most reliable guide to your weight is how you look and feel.

Feeling plucky? Try standing naked in front of the mirror (preferably first thing in the morning before you load up with drinks and food).

That will tell you a) how brave you are and b) what your ideal body size is rather than an ideal weight. Well done. Take a bow!

I actually looked quite toned but I feel heavy, what does that mean?

Here’s the other reason why ‘ideal weight’ is a myth. If you’re fairly toned you’re probably carrying muscle, which weighs more than fat. I’ve felt overweight (fat) at a lighter weight, and more comfortable at a heavier weight when I was carrying more muscle than fat.

Is there a machine that differentiates how much body fat and muscle you are carrying?

There are machines on the market that supposedly tell you what ratio of muscle to fat you are carrying. I don’t believe they are accurate enough to take seriously.

My daughter seems obsessed with her weight. What should she do?

Yes, there’s a lot of pressure on girls to judge themselves by how much they weigh (guys don’t seem to buy into it so much but the whole ‘ideal weight’ thing is a trap for both sexes).  To look and feel her best, your daughter should eat and exercise to build muscle and lose body fat. If she does that she won’t need a bunch of numbers to tell her how good she looks and feels!

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