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Who decides whether you are perfect?

Last week, a new client arrived and we set to… she was booked in for one of our most popular facials, Prana Vayul. Meeting her, I discovered an intelligent and engaging woman. We got on tremendously, though (as so often happens) close to the end of her treatment she opened up…

Perfection is someone else’s idea of who you are

She’d been conscious of her weight the whole time… not ‘afraid’ – that would be putting it too strongly – but expecting to be judged. As she began to explain, I saw once more the power of the therapist to not only make people be and feel more beautiful but the immense responsibility we have to heal. And healing doesn’t take place if we stand in judgement.

Of course I could see that she was a mature woman and no longer a size 10 (ditto, friends!). But here’s the thing: maturity goes both ways. I am with her 100%. She never has to worry about what I think. I am a beauty therapist, true. But I am principally in therapy to heal – not to judge whether she (or anyone else for that matter) fits into someone else’s idea of ‘perfect’.

Namaste. Respect. Saroj.

Author: Saroj Velho

  • BA (Hons.) Psychology: University of Delhi
  • Dip. Beauty Therapy: Australasian Academy of Wellness Therapies
  • Full Professional Member: Assoc. Professional Aestheticians Australia

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